The Little Ones – The Dawn Sang Along album review

The Little Ones, after years of indie pop obscurity, have finally created an album worthy of the genre. Their latest album, The Dawn Sang Along, is practically the poster child for indie pop. With tracks like “Argonauts” and “AWOL,” this album was practically written for popular indie radio.

The album, consisting of eleven radio-friendly tracks, seems like the perfect compilation of songs created to draw in new and old fans alike. Most of the songs are happy and hypnotizing; each song is catchy in its own way.

There are a couple of tracks on the album that escape the indie pop cookie cutter; “Art in the Streets” starts out with an interesting bossa nova feel, and mysteriously transforms into an indie tune. It’s truly mesmerizing how it happens so effortlessly. These are the songs worth looking out for.

One of the other exceptional tracks on the album is “Catch the Movement,” which employs a fair amount of onomatopoeia. The song is cute and catchy, but also unconventional. For some reason, it sets itself apart from the rest of the songs on The Dawn Sang Along.

If you’re looking for the next band to replace Foster the People, The Little Ones is a good place to start. Their latest album, The Dawn Sang Along seems like an album that will please many people across a few genres. While the tracks are catchy and melodic, they aren’t anything innovative. Unfortunately, the album isn’t anything ground-breaking and it leaves one to question the future direction of the band.

By Whitney Liberty

Born in Michigan and living in Chicago, Whitney is passionate about music, writing, cooking, and any combination of the three.

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