MMOTHS – Diaries EP review

Need to drive six hours on I-5 tonight? MMOTHS new album, “Diaries,” might be the right fit for you. Reminiscent of bands like Massive Attack, MMOTHS isn’t likely to be bumping at a club on a Friday, Friday, Everybody looking for, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun. MMOTHS is the exact opposite of that. Its not here to make you have as much fun as humanely possible at a Dr. Pepper sponsored festival. It is electronic compositional art. 

Here’s a scenario in which you would find yourself listening to MMOTHS: It’s Friday. (wait I’m not finished) You’re out with that person you met a few weeks ago, and not only are they super attractive, but you aren’t totally disgusted by them as a human being. You take them back to your apartment, and start making your classic moves: Break out the wine, light up a joint (if that’s what you’re into) and tell them that you’re allergic to the same bullshit they’re allergic to. Then here’s when things are different. You actually start making a personal connection with this individual. You find yourself matching up on all the right levels, and this person’s humble awesomeness takes you completely by surprise. Before you know it, your moves are out the window. You don’t make your move at all. You spend the whole night talking, like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in that one movie where they do it, like in that other movie where they do it. And MMOTHS comes on your “Chill” station on Pandora. And for that half hour between four-fifteen and four-forty-five AM, everything is just swell. Everyone’s clothes have stayed on, but your souls are naked. How fucking sweet. 

Born on Soundcloud, Jack Colleran’s first album creates a lovely level of electronic intimacy. The music isn’t for every situation under the sun, but when you find the right moment, like the one listed above, it will absolutely take the cake. His music was born on a laptop, which makes the scale of it quite impressive. You probably won’t see much touring from the Irish twenty year old, but that isn’t really what this type of music is about. Its not meant for the crowds of binge drinking, MDMA dropping festival goers. Its for those people on their come down; the next day, when all they can do it eat frosted flakes, stare out a window, and hope it will and won’t rain at the same time. 

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