Lewis Watson – The Wild EP review

With the British invasion of mellow rockers such as Ed Sheeran and even Coldplay’s Chris Martin, the undeniably talented singer-songwriter Lewis Watson is setting himself up to be the next big thing. A welcome treat for his massive international fanbase, the London musician debuts his third in a series of EPs from Warner Music called The Wild. This 4 song EP tells an emotional story filled with love, but hints at heartbreak which strays from his usual optimistic and warm sound. His vocals and lyrics are so good that he doesn’t even need music to back them up…but it’s a welcome addition.

The Wild starts off with the dreamy and loving track “In the Wild”  that is filled with incredibly descriptive lyrics which paint a picture of a journey that you can’t help but want to be a part of, and fall in love with. The amorous tone emanates further with the track “Little Darling” which has all the necessary ingredients to be a wedding dance song. It’s slow, simple, sweet and incredibly romantic from start to finish.

This EP is not all rainbows and butterflies however. It takes a dark twist with the most emotionally-charged song, the ballad “It Could Be Better”. Lyrics like “if the rain stops falling, you start to see the tears in my eyes” combined with soft harmonies is so sweet yet tragic at the same time that it’s exquisitely agonizing.

Just as The Wild seemed to be a collection of soft and subdued singer-songwriter ballads, the shockingly percussive jam “Hold On” is quite the feast for the senses and is a great sendoff for this EP. It’s funky, dark, and deep and surely showcases his wide range of ability.

Remember this name: Lewis Watson. We’re in for another great British talent to grace the airwaves and it’s clear he’s only just begun.

By Jennifer Costantino

Jennifer is a NYC-based freelance writer who is obsessed with music - especially indie, rock & alternative. In her free time, you can find her taking classes at Purchase College, trying to master the electric guitar, and enjoying delicious craft beers.

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