Soosh – Colour Is Breathe album review

Some artists will use their words and their instruments to steer your feelings in a certain direction. Others will make the sounds and leave it up to you to paint the emotional picture all on your own. As you might expect with a stage name like Soosh, Soroosh Khavari, and his album Colour is Breathe, fall firmly into the latter category.

Colour is Breathe is an 11 track effort of what might be best described as soundscapes, under the self-identified genre of “electronic dream hop.” The human presence is, for the most part, pretty sparse — Soosh or frequent guest vocalist Carmel Khavari might make an appearance one line at a time, often simply repeating the song title in a vaguely melodic fashion. This is then overlaid on an instrumental track that is rich and layered — wholly synthetic, but nevertheless sonically full and deeply emotive. The “hop” part of “electronic dream hop” comes out best in tracks like “The Way You” which takes an unexpected turn into R&B that it manages to work quite well, giving Soosh a certain uniqueness when it comes to his brand of music.

Evidently, the album relies heavily on listeners to ascribe meaning to what it offers, but Soosh seems to know what he’s doing when it comes to setting that kind of interaction up. Each track seems capable of enveloping you and carrying you away, as they all share the kind of cool mellow vibe that is the epitome of ephemerality. They probably all have a certain meaning or implication to Soosh himself, but this is in no way impressed upon the listener. In this way, Colour is Breathe functions almost like a toolbox or an artist’s kit — poised for listeners to turn it into what they will, ready to be anything to anyone, from fodder for the inevitable club remixes to the perfect study soundtrack.

By Nouran Sedaghat

I just want to hold hands and eat ice cream, listen to good music, and have a good day.

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