Deathfix – Deathfix album review

I start every review buy turning everything off except for Google and Spotify. I will Google the lyrics while listening to the album I’m covering from beginning to end, writing down tid bits of information about the songs I hear. It’s not until after listening to the album I do any research on the band itself.

After enjoying Deathfix thoroughly I found out that they are sort of a supergroup. Let me explain. Brendan Canty, the front man and guitar for Deathfix, was the drummer for frontrunner post-hardcore band Fugazi. Rich Morel, vocals and keys, is a record producer as well as singer-songwriter and DJ— he has produced everyone from Tina Turner to The Killers. Devin Ocampo, drums, is most know for his work in the bands Faraquet and Medications. Mark Cisneros, bass, is also most know for the band Medications and another later band called Chain & The Gang.

This isn’t their first rodeo by any means. The amount of experience represented is a breading ground for lyrics, instrumental progress and sound. There is so much talent in the group that making good music comes as second nature, and that is exactly what they did with their first self titled album— Deathfix.

The music that Deathfix has composed was unrelated to the music the band mates had played in previous endeavors with their prospective groups. Each band mate abandoned what they had learned, and let go of the style that each had accrued throughout their musicianship. They started with a clean slate and made music that resonated in the best of ways with their audience. One of the most refreshing qualities about the group is their lyrical content. Many bands have complete albums and sometimes more than one album is on a singular topic. Love, being depressed, breakups—these are topics that can be beaten to death by some artists. Deathfix has a different and sometimes very unique topic set aside for each track. An example of their unique style of lyrics is probably best shown through the song “Dali’s House”. In this song they sing about how interesting it would be if you were someone else’s house. The lyrics depicted what you might experience, or things that might occur if this type of crazy phenomenon where to come to pass. An instant classic, anyone who listens will immediately get a laugh at the heckling and mockery made of notable personalities from Kanye West to Salvador Dali.

Really kind of unlabeled, and a bit of an oddity coming out of left field, this album has the potential to become a hit with all generations. It is a beautiful thing and really quite an art when you can sit a father and son in the same room, with the same album, and it becomes a complete hit with the pair. They have the making and the correct foundation to be one of those bands that 30 years from now people will still rave about as—their favor album being the inaugural Deathfix Album.

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