Palma Violets: A Modern Twist

Sometimes you hear a band, and you know, just know, that they are going to fight the strands of time. That they are going to be that band that in 20 people are going to be reminiscing about seeing. That they are going to be a band little kids feel awesome knowing about. There will be legendary shirts that people who don’t even know who they are will wear, just because it’s cool.

Palma Violets seems to me like one of those bands. Their sound reminds of classic American punk, with a British twist. Of course, I could say they are reminiscent of classic British punk with a modern twist, but I chose to say the other. Signed to Rough Trade Records, an independent label based in London that once signed the Buzzcocks (which makes sense because Palma Violets slightly reminds me of them) and The Smiths. They had a short break, yes let’s call it that, and nowadays they have returned with bands like The Libertines and The Strokes.

The band gained fame through the Internet and the release of their first single “Best of Friends.”  The single “Best of Friends” came out in late 2012 and was voted NME’s Song Of The Year for 2012, but their new album came out on February 23rd of 2013.  Entitled 180, the album has a garage rock, punkish, psychedelic sound. The songs talk about everything from love to young minded issues, which makes sense because made up of bassist/vocalist Alexander “Chilli” Jesson, guitarist/vocalist Samuel Thomas Fryer, keyboardist Jeffrey Peter Mayhew and drummer William Martin Doyle are all in their very early 20’s.

The first song is of course their hit single “Best of Friends” which is basically about not wanting to be someone’s lover, but wanting to be their best friend. It’s a catchy song, that gets stuck in my head frequently, and if you were to give it a listen, I am sure it would get stuck in yours as well.

“Step Up To The Cool Cats” is a shoe tapping, head bobbing song, that does entirely step up to those musicians that made it before them.

“All the Garden Birds” is their love song (most of their songs have something to do with love actually). It features a repeated line that pays homage to the Beatles song “All You Need Is Love.” Other lovey songs include “Chicken Dippers” and truthfully, many of their songs hint about love, because they are young men.  They are Ramonesque, but unique with their own sound. It’s weird to describe it at times. It’s like a modern twist on past rock sounds.

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