Vampire Weekend: April 17th, Fox Theater, Oakland

There’s something amazing about literally feeling the music pulsing through your veins. Every beat, every bump, lyric, enters and exits your mind, your body, your whole being. It makes you fall in love in a sense. Not with a person but with the music. It’s why I love concerts. Hearing music live is more than fun, it’s a religious experience. Not only do musicians have a similar place to god, but we do put them on pedestals, high above ourselves. For some of us that don’t have a god, music is the closest thing. On April 17th I saw one of my favorite bands for the first time.

After years of listening and putting them above myself, Vampire Weekend rose high above my expectations. They made us wait, us being a not very diverse group of adults and teenagers, mostly teenagers. All dressed up snazzy, as though these events are all they have to look forward to. These days I am not too used to teenagers being at shows, listening to the more rugged garage rock or indie folk/pop I love. These teenagers are starting out well. Vampire Weekend allowed my ears to accept a different variety of music. They helped me respect music in a different way. That doesn’t mean I don’t find teenagers annoying, because I do, but I know there’s hope for them.

Vampire Weekend started off the show with Cousins, one of their singles from their sophomore album Contra. Suddenly, the room was filled with energy, dancing and singing along. I only tend to sing along to bigger shows, or louder shows, where I know my voice won’t ruin the atmosphere or main act.

After bringing us back to those years where all we listened to were those first two albums, they played the two songs from their recent EP: Diane Young and Step. We become ecstatic. Filled with joy and happiness, even though Step holds more meaning due to a recent tragedy that happened in my life.

There were a few instances where I did not know the song they were singing, so I came home, and researched their new music, discovering that these songs were a few of their new songs (Ya Hey and Unbelievers). These songs created a lot of optimism for their new album, Modern Vampires of the City.  The songs, which can be found on Youtube, are fun and yet different and dark. The show was as wonderful as I expected. Crazy dance moves were bumping into everyone. I will certainly never forget seeing Vampire Weekend on April 17th of 2013 at the Fox Theater.

Set List:

Taxi Cab
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
I Stand Corrected
Diane Young
Ya Hey
Oxford Comma
White Sky
Giving Up The Gun
Diplomat’s Son
One (Blake’s Got A New Face)
Mansard Roof

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  1. You are a terrible, awkward writer. And place far too much importance in Vampire Weekend. They’re whiter than bleached sheets and try desperately to cover up this fact. You hate teenagers but write like 13 year old. Ugh

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