Caveman – Caveman album review

Does anyone remember the comedy “School of Rock” that came out in 2003.  In the movie Jack Black poses as a substitute teacher to make some quick cash, but then soon discovers that his students have incredible musical talent.  Those kids make it all the way to the battle of the bands and compete with this other group called No Vacancy.  Now this other band is obviously way more talented then the kids, and they sound like they took music appreciation very seriously back in grade school.  They just were not very exciting to listen to.  It’s the same thing with Caveman.  Yes they are all very talented musicians, and know about hitting the right notes but without any passion or joy. The whole ordeal becomes sort of mute.

First of all the name Caveman is completely misleading.  When you picture the dawn of man do you hear soft melodic rock songs that some guy with a beard wearing an ironic T Shirt would be playing at a coffee house.  Hell no.  The name alone suggests crazy primal drum beats mixed in with a lot of heavy screaming because, I don’t know they couldn’t get fire started.  Calling your band something hardcore and then not doing it sounds like really bad hipster b.s.   It would be like calling Cannibal Corpse the name of a boy band and Backstreet Boys the name of a new Death Metal outfit.  It just doesn’t fit.

Each song is really not much different from the next, and they sound like they would be more comfortable playing at clothing store like Macy’s than at a bar.  I have a feeling that  if they did play at bar or restaurant, no one would stop their conversations for very long to listen to them.  It’s harmless music that I know is going to appeal to a lot of other people, and that’s fine. No one is going to say you’re wrong for liking this because music is subjective.  There’s just nothing really original or distinct about their look or sound. They seem to be more interested in capturing the same sort of vibe from other emo/goth bands like The Smiths, or The Shins rather than doing their own thing.  At least with those bands each song was different from the next and they had a real distinction between songs.   If there were not any pauses between each song on their self titled album. One would think they were just listening to one long track.

Now one may think that I’m dismissing this band because they play light rock, and that’s not it. You’re reading someone who is a big fan of Tori Amos, and has enjoyed songs by Coldplay and M83 as well.  That is because I could hear a real sense of  joy while I heard those songs.  I don’t hear that from Caveman.  Yes they play very well, but without any heart.  What’s the point?

By Vern

I have spent many years writing about movies on other sites and have recently begun writing music reviews. My favorite bands include but are not limited to Stereolab, Daft Punk, The Jelly Project, Sleigh Bells, Portishead, Rapedoor, and Baby Metal. Twitter @videovangaurd

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