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Deap Vally – Get Deap EP review

“That’s really the spirit of rock and roll, rebellion….And, like, release.” These are the opening words of the Get Deap EP video trailer, spoken by both halves of Deap Vally, Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy. After spending some quality time with Get Deap, it’s undeniable: These girls are committed wholeheartedly to rock. Deap Vally formed in 2011 when Edwards (drums) and Troy (guitar, vocals) met (adorably) at a knitting class in Silver Lake, California. Their single “Gonna Make My Own Money” was well received in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and they started work on their soon to be released full-length between the UK and LA, finishing recording in Los Angeles.

The four-song EP opens with the single “Lies.” Thematically it’s a simple scorned woman story, damning the no-good cheater who “spread his seed.” The rest of the EP plays out this empowered girl theme, from the in-your-face and totally badass “Gonna Make My Own Money,” to “Ain’t Fair,” which pokes a stick in the side of the powers that be, perhaps specifically in the music industry, with sarcastic lines like, “thanks for your submission/we’ll get back to you soon.” The track “End of the World” goes in a slightly different direction, preaching love and understanding. It’s almost a protest song with lines like, “there’s a thing I like to call it, brother/when you fight and you kill/you’re at war with each other/it’s the end of the world.”

It’s hard to ignore the similarities between Deap Valley and anything Alison Mosshart related; you hear a lot of both The Kills and Dead Weather in Get Deap, and that’s a great thing. You might hear some comparisons between Deap Vally and the Black Keys floating around, but beyond the obvious two piece, drums and guitar composition of the band, Deap Vally goes significantly, way harder than the Keys. They also beg comparison to Led Zeppelin, if Led Zeppelin were pissed off, empowered girls.

With their crunchy guitars, badass girl harmonies, and sing-along worthy choruses, I’m a fan. (Not to mention their excellent glam/garage rock look). I can’t wait to catch them at Psychfest (April 26-28) and Bonnaroo (June 13-16), as they’re making the festival rounds on both sides of the pond this summer with stops at Lollapalooza, Leeds Festival, Outside Lands, Reading Festival, and more. Pick up their new full length Sistrionix, set to drop at the end of June.

By Hannah-Rose Freedner

I'm living, writing, and playing in ATX. I'm an Austin transplant from Burlington, VT, and I like to see music, eat, make things, and write about it.

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