Team Spirit – Team Spirit EP review

Team Spirit are a 70’s rock band without the soft edges, an 80’s hair metal crew without the scary hair, a 90’s grunge rock singer without a plaid shirt tied around their waist, a 2000’s punk band without the immature bullshit, and an indie-rock group without all the whinnying. In short, Team Spirit don’t care about team spirit they care about rocking your face off, and doing it quick and dirty.

Their debut EP cleverly titled Team Spirit EP was recently released by Vice Records (yeah, I didn’t know Vice had a label either) and is a maddening teaser that will leave you wanting more.

Fronted by Ayad Al Adhamy (formerly a member of Passion Pit and owner of Black Bell Records), Team Spirit are four dudes rocking-out to everything that makes them angry, or just pops into their heads. The EP starts out with a screaming dance song titled “Jesus He’s alright” even though I’m sure he’s not alright with his awesome portrayal in their video. Speaking of videos, if you are in the mood to blow your brains out your ass, then check out track 3’s video “Fuck the Beach” animated by the psychotically creative swedish animation duo “Hannes Johannes” (spoiler alert – you are not on acid it’s just the video).

An EP can accomplish a couple of things, one is to keep fans at bay while a band works on a full length album, the other is to strum up some hype and build a fan base so that when a full length finally comes out it will fly off the shelves. With the release of Team Spirit EP however, the band has accomplished something entirely different, they have conjured up Satan, caged him, gotten him drunk on PBR and are now on tour with what might be a traveling apocalypse, just sayin’. Check these guys out while we still can!

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