Kinski – Cosy Moments album review

Kinski wants to sleep with your girlfriend and they aren’t afraid to tell you. This unapologetic grunge-rock band just released their first album in almost 6 years titled Cosy Moments (Kill Rock Star records), ending a decade long, lucrative partnership with Sub-Pop records. As a band that started in Seattle in the late 90s (only a few years post Nirvana), Kinski remains in the realm of Seattle’s West Coast grunge/punk scene helping to keep this unique blend of heavy guitars and slow pounding rhythms alive.

With tracks from just over 1 minute to almost 8 minutes long, the album blends itself nicely throughout the course of its 10 tracks, and comes to a halt a lot sooner than expected. There is a good mix of heavy instrumental tracks, and poignant lyrics trace their way through the album and sound similar to a teenage goth depressingly marching up a Victorian set of stair with 3.5 inch platforms. Not that there is anything goth about this band, but for some reason their music can drag on similar to a depressed teenager with no legitimate reason to be upset.

Really the album sounds as though after 6 years of not writing, the band sort of showed up to the studio and just played the songs that have accumulated in their heads from such a long hiatus. There is something very visceral about the material, but also underworked, almost as if it came too easily, however, this helps keep things simple and makes the tracks very accessible to new fans (who they are going to need after such a long break between material).

The band has recently come off a tour through the East coast of North America, but watch for some local shows popping up over the summer now that they are back home in the West.

By Chris Bretecher

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