Gianna Lauren – On Personhood album review

From Halifax, Nova Scotia is the up-and-coming indie artist, Gianna Lauren. This Canadian vocalist for On Personhood pairs with multi-instrumentalists J.J. Ipsen, Justin Nace, drummer Marshall Bureau and engineer Andy Magoffin. The obscurity within Lauren’s emotion-filled, smooth voice harmonizes with the serene guitars and soft drums to give this album dream-like feel.

This six-track album delivers melodic, captivating vocals with sassy lyrics. Starting off the album is the song “Trouble”. The darkness of the track is accompanied with gentle, yet sturdy vocals and an attractive bass guitar rhythm that balances the rest of the instruments, keeping the song interesting. The song maintains the mysterious, edgy quality within Lauren’s voice, which allows the listener to become instantly compelled. While “Trouble” seemed to be original and light, “Thread” and “Bitches Brew” appear to be cut from the same cloth. With dark tones, soft instrumentals, and sassy words, the repeated sound caused this album to be somewhat predictable.

A pleasurable twist in the fairly predictable release is “Anchor Down”. While Lauren stood by her easy-going vocals, the instruments hummed against the grain with an up-beat, relaxing island feel. The repetitive lyrics create a catchier, laid-back atmosphere throughout the three-minute song. With most of the lyrics pertaining to love and its complications, this is a breath of fresh, sun-filled air providing a rest from the gloomy sounds.

Lauren’s sweet, sincere resonance add emotion to each and every song, but you still feel fairly unsatisfied as a whole. It seems lackluster at times, and deficient in diversity. While each tune develops a new emotion, Lauren’s vocals scarcely show range.

With a striking, sensual ambiance, Gianna Lauren took charge of the music presented on her newest album. From start to finish, though it felt predictable and not very original, the effort that was put in was admirable. Lauren’s vocals and purring instruments provided a soft atmosphere, which will take the audience to a new destination. A decent album, but Lauren should focus on diversity for her next one.

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