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Mikal Cronin – MCII album review

Mikal Cronin: MCII. Welcome inside the crazy and confusing mind of a twenty something year old. The old fashioned perception of what life is going to become, and more importantly, what he believes inside his stirring mind. It’s easy to say that plenty of us have been through or are going through everything he sings of. You know, the simple questions to life. Who am I? What do I believe in? What am I meant to do? Will I find a girl? If I do, am I the person I want to be? Etc, Etc…These questions and feelings could be summed up in discussion in around 14-16 months, give or take. What Mikal has managed to do through his music is capture these feelings through beautiful words and bring out that dimension he slips through from time to time. Music seems not to be only his first love, but a way of therapy and right of passage to get his answers. Being an 80’s baby and relating to most of his words, I don’t think he’ll be putting down his guitar any time soon.

Plenty of influences seemed to have swayed his sound. The style is not distinct and something unheard of, but it is his. Cronin brings uniqueness to familiar sounds and vibes his personality in the structure of the tracks. Variety also makes up the album, bringing different levels of energy and style with the passing of each song. It’s tough to compare him to any artist but there is a level of classic rock mixed with 90’s grunge with a dash of alternative jamming. Think Allman Brothers/Weezer/Grateful Dead. He is most certainly not consistent with sound from song to song and it really keeps the listener on their toes. Its refreshing to skip a track and not hear songs that sound in the same ballpark to the previous.

It would be most interesting to see what kind of a crowd he connects to the most. There is something for everyone in many of his songs but his personal approach to his lyrics is something that stands out the most. Completely honest in the way he writes, he avoids putting together songs with a catchy hook that will jack up his view count on his YouTube videos. It’s tough to say how much you will hear the California kid on your local radio station in the future, but the obvious factor in the tunes is that he stays true to himself and attempts to deliver a message. Mainstream music is missing musicians like Cronin, someone who brings out what we are all thinking. His fearless approach to writing may not be heard all around the world, but it will be respected by those who hear it.

By Eric Del Buono

Living in Austin, TX the world for music that I see is much different than what I am used to. The love for live music still exists in this Texas town and I plan on finding out as much as I can about it. I listen to all types of music but primarily classic rock and Oasis, as well as country and some hip-hop.

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