David Francey – So Say We All album review

So Say We All is the tenth album by Canadian folk singer/songwriter David Francey. At 58 years old, Francey spent most of his adult life as a labourer and has only been professionally writing and playing music for about the last 15 years. Born in Scotland, Francey’s songs have a subtle Celtic feel and draw from personal experiences. His lyrics are very poetic and weave stories of varying subjects usually centered on ‘the common man’. Even with all of his success he has yet to sell out, with his wife Beth Girdler acting as band manager David is keeping everything close to home and maintains creative control over his music.

So Say We All, is an instant classic, full of soft spoken lyrics and friendly bluegrass rhythms. Whether he’s singing about the tribulations of life on the road (“Cheap Motel”) or an uplifting love song (“A Star Above”) Francey’s vocals are intimate and warming. The songs are quite short and cleverly leave you wanting more at the end of each track. The album comes across as a collection of beautiful poetry being gently reinforced through soft melodies picked out on the guitar and banjo.

In a musical age where musicians strive to be ‘original’ almost to a fault, David Francey is helping to remind us that real talent only needs heartfelt lyrics and an acoustic guitar. The genuine stories of his songs are very soothing and are a much needed break from all of the noise of everyday life. With summer finally poking its nose through the door, watch for Francey to be joining many of the Folk Festivals around North America over the coming months.

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