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Wampire – Curiosity album review

‘Curiosity’ is bass heavy electric infused rock. Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps, the duo manning the Wampire control center, use their debut EP to explore the nature of death and existence. You can hear them sort the themes out through their instruments; the bass line illustrates their happy-go-lucky attitude, the drums exemplify the chaotic nature of their reality, and their voices show their languid acquiescence to the aforementioned.

The track Outta Money is extremely well layered. It, as with most of the other tracks on the EP, has a haunting feel to it. The reprise in the background, with the soulful moaning up front, paired with the electronic element as well as the general tone of their music…this could easily be the second favourite song of Silence of the Lambs’ Buffalo Bill; second only to Q Lazzarus’ Goodbye Horses. Even the reverberating notes that draw the tune to a close do incredible work making one feel the omnipresence of whatever it is that Wampire attempting to articulate.

Moving on to Trains, a track that has a vintage resort feel to it; a small nod to The Black Keys and Buddy Holly wrapped into one amazing song. It works too ways. Firstly as an important break in the heavy content. This song, written about one of the most trivial aspects of day-to-day life, waiting for the train, is surprising refreshing set against the deeper themes. Secondly as an incredible lay-up to the final track on the album.

Magic Light is a must listen. Positioned expertly at the end, it is the conclusion to their exploration, their findings if you will; the answer to their beguiling questions. Everything Wampire think about life can be found in this song. “…on this merry-go-round, your feet never touch the ground, I’ll be in the park, meet me after dark….Come a little closer, let me gaze into your eyes, magic never felt so good.”

There is no shortage of great tracks on this EP. Wampire has an uncanny ability to mix genres in an awe-inspiring way. True, there is a hint of ridiculousness to their approach to music, as exemplified by their name, and their cover art; but do not let the sarcasm of their Glamour Shot dissuade you from believing that this band is genius. True artistry went into the making of this album. The opening track The Hearse has all the makings of true murk pop anthem. It may take a couple of go-throughs to get used to the whimsical way in which they approach the idea of death, their use of the iconic image of a hearse to illustrate the intersection of the morose and celebration is just one example of many in which Wampire pokes fun at the seriousness of dying. Punch lines or not, this band has an amazing sound.

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