Bomb The Bass – In The Sun album review

British electronic one man band Bomb The Bass are back with a new album. While I find the end result to be intriguing, this style of electronic music always leaves me wanting more.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that so much of the emphasis in this music is on texture, to the point that other things tend to get left out. In essence, I feel like what I’m hearing is a set of glorified bed tracks.

The ideas that are put forth are generally interesting and musical, but the whole thing kind of starts to sound the same after a while. There is a drone-like bassline, some keyboard vamps, and spacey vocals, and after that track ends, we move on to the next one.

Part of the problem is one of tempo. All of the tempos feel the same, to the point the whole thing feels like one giant remix recording with separations engineered to give the impression of actual individual tracks.

The thing is, is that there are many interesting moments on each track, little bits of inspired musical insight that make me wonder why he didn’t allow his muse to have completely free reign over the whole record. Or perhaps inspiration struck and then receded into the background on each track, forcing the use of lots of recycled filler on each track.

Suddenly, when all seems lost to a sort of complacent mediocrity, the track ‘We Are Lost’ kicks into gear. While it isn’t a completely flawless statement, listening to this track gives insights into what could have been.

By Paul Paradis

Paul is a musician, writer, and teacher living in Tacoma. When not engaged in the endless task of raising his six year old whirling dervish James Sparhawk, he spends his time creating music, pursuing a bachelor's, working out, and living. He is originally from the east coast: Worcester, Mass. born, and Providence, RI bred. Having traveled around some, the Pacific Northwest tends to feel more and more like home with each passing day, Very similar to New England in some ways, but different in a way that is refreshing. Rock on.

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