Jack Beauregard – Irrational album review

When you have a name like Jack Beauregard you may want to consider changing it to something that is a bit easier to spell so that the slow kid in the class like me can actually find your music. I can’t tell you how many times I Googled their name and Jack Bauer came up instead. There I was looking at Kiefer Sutherland beating up random scrubs instead of actually listening to Beauregard’s new album Irrational. They could go the route of Jon B and change it to Jack B. Or just follow in the footsteps of Ice Cube who dumped his name O’Shea Jackson completely so that he wouldn’t have to wear a dashiki every time he took the stage. And who knows maybe they are headed that way; when you look at the cover of Irrational there are men who are wearing what appear to be yellow jumpsuits. This immediately reminded me of Dignan from the movie Bottle Rocket and to be honest with you I would rather check out a new album by Dignan over that of some band name that I can’t even pronounce.

Well once I finally heard their latest effort, the one thing that stood out to me was that vocally the lead sounds like a weird mix of M83 and Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses while musically they sound a bit like Twin Shadow. This is when they are at their best; when they don’t quite reach this point they sound more like a prepubescent Paul Simon trying to adjust to his voice cracking for the first time. This is heard clearly midway through the album on It’s Going Down, which sadly isn’t a remix to Jay Z’s I Just Wanna Love You. “It’s about to go down!”

There really isn’t anything challenging from a lyrical perspective and that mixes in just fine with the light keys and the beat machines that are used for background noise. As a matter of fact, the pop duo’s Not That Kind would’ve been the perfect fit for Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild things Are. It just seems like it would be an awesome opener for that movie as Max runs around in his outfit along with his new found friends. Where Is The Line is the quintessential 80’s song that somehow escaped that era. You feel like you should be rolling around in a Ferrari while crying and flashing back to when Drago killed your best friend Apollo Creed in the ring. This is easily the best song on the album and it might have you dancing around like a fool. The drums in Bleeding Knees help it stand out a bit as they bring the song to life and make it a bit more grandiose than it actually should be. And I love it for that, when it comes to pop, the more over the to pit is the better.

The rest of the songs run together and are pretty much interchangeable with the exception of Houston; which just like the city is a pretty awful low point. For All The Time is the album’s closer and it gives you some hope that they will one day grow a pair and do something that will allow them to stand out from the pack.

But in the meantime, all this is is pop music that your daughter will only listen to around other girls. So if you are a parent I would suggest that you strongly push this on her so that she doesn’t lose her virginity and gets pregnant while listening to Kings of Leon . Actually now that I think about it, guys will have sex to an ipod that only plays construction music if they have the opportunity to! Lock your daughters up until they are done with their home schooled college courses!

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