Whitaker and Me – The Pub Room album review

If you like minimalistic melodies and mellow folk tunes, you will likely love Whitaker and Me’s first EP The Pub Room. Think folk-y acoustic guitar riffs paired with vocals similar to those of Sheryl Crow, and you’ve got the idea of all six tracks on this EP. However, if your musical taste is similar at all to mine, you’d rather listen to The Beatles or Pink Floyd, both groups that Whitaker and Me claim as their musical influences. Their track “Shine On, Harvest Moon” is clearly an ode to the Pink Floyd song “Shine On You Crazy Diamond,” evidenced only by the title and definitely not the sound.

Whitaker and Me was formed in 2012 by Los Angeles-based couple Katie Rose and Denis Whitaker. They recorded their first EP in a room in their house they call “the pub room,” hence the title of the EP. The couple has stated that their goal is to “make music that matters and that will make people feel something;” unfortunately all their EP makes me feel is bored. However, if you are someone who is into folk music, you might disagree with me.

From a purely objective standpoint, Denis’s acoustic melodies paired with Katie’s crooning make for lilting folk songs, each one with lyrics telling a story. “The Pub Room” was born out of one of Denis and Katie’s own personal life stories, the story of the adoption battle for their son. According to the album cover, their son has now been officially adopted and has been practicing drums in preparation to drum for them on their next album.

Even if you’re like me and prefer songs with oomph instead of lilting, simplistic songs, The Pub Room can be appreciated for the stories each track is telling and the inspirational tale behind the making of the EP. Folk music is largely about the meaning behind the lyrics and the story that each song represents, so in that regard, The Pub Room is a good folk album.

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