Duncan Lyall – Infinite Reflections

Duncan Lyall really shows his strength as a composer in his new album titled Infinite Reflections. Lyall is best known as a founder member of the Treacherous Orchestra and for his work with Kate Rusby and John Goldie.

Infinite Reflections has an old timey feel interpreted into an instrumental folk sound. This album sounds like it could be the soundtrack for the movie August Rush or Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s also very reminiscent of the scene in Titanic when Rose and Jack go out dancing. Very upbeat, yet peaceful to listen to. “Cold Light” is a great example, but the soothing sounds of this song make it very easy on the ears. The song is a mix of the viola, guitar, piano and a few other instruments. Although each instrument has a very different sound, Lyall did a great job of producing this song to make them all blend together beautifully.

Producing an instrumental album can be difficult when it comes to naming each song. I believe Lyall did a great job overall. Each song title gives you a feel for what you can expect from that song. However, I do not agree with the song title “Lucid Dream.” I feel that it is too upbeat to interpret a lucid dream. That may not be what story he was trying to tell, but with a song title like lucid dream, the instrumentals should reflect the title of the song. If I were to produce a lucid dream through instrumentals, it would be more along the lines of trippy alternative such as Pink Floyd.

The song “Beast” really captures the sound you can expect. It is one of my favorites off of the album. It has a fierce tone, but Duncan never ceases to keep that peaceful tone in there.

I think that’s what gives Duncan his talent. He can produce a variety of sounds, but always have that relaxation aspect of each individual song.

Infinite Reflections is an album with a wide variety of sounds and instruments. It is very energetic but peaceful. Not one single track is overdone. The sounds range from tranquility to energetic story telling. And that’s exactly what Lyall was trying to do, be a story teller.

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