Kakkmaddafakka – Six Months Is A Long Time album review

Would you look at that! Another album from Norwegian feel-gooders Kakkmaddafakka. It’s 2013, it’s summertime, and the album is called Six Months is a Long Time. Putting aside the notion that six months is not actually that long you can find solace in the fact that the newest catalogue from Kakkmaddafakka is fun and bubbly. Summertime music should be easy-going, uncomplicated, and pleasingly melodic. Needless to say, Six Months is a Long Time fulfills all your summer anticipation.

If it’s a single that is short, catchy and easy to repeat look to second track, “Someone New.” A light and groovy guitar is matched with poppy and clear vocals. Give the song a few listens and you are sure to sing along from then on. Try singing it with a friend and the ‘wooos’ will be fun to harmonize and make your own. For another easy and quick number seek-out track seven, “No Song.” The chorus is just bubbly enough to please and not enough to upset. It’s stubbornly balanced and a little angsty. Immediately following “No Song” comes “Female Dyslexia” and again the pop textures make for an easy toe-tapper and head-bopper. The lyrics pertaining to boozing and tom-foolery make it an appropriate anthem for summer shenanigans.

For something a little different from the other pop tracks, first turn the page to “Gangsta No More.” The reggae elements are great break among the otherwise poppy notion Six Months is a Long Time. Honestly, it is not the type of reggae that will not knock your socks off with a chill vibe but the off-beat is a great change of pace. Lastly, if sentimentality is your scene seek out track four, “Forever Alone.” Slow and steady, smooth and sweet, heartfelt and lonesome, it is a track to close your eyes to.

Overall, Kakkmaddafakka does not surprise with their new album. Instead, they provide a solid service to pop lovers everywhere who are tired of the bubblegum that plays on the radio. Pop is a generally easier medium but to do it right takes some skill. Six Months is a Long Time is arguably a decent try and you cannot discount a genuine effort.

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