Daughn Gibson – Me Moan album review

With a voice normally reserved for serious TV crime-drama opening sequences, Daughn Gibson’s baritone rumbles will likely take some getting used to for most. Daughn’s singing style just hasn’t been prevalent outside more traditionally rural music. While Daughn does inspire images of life outside the city he thankfully doesn’t care much for tradition. Sample based music is a constant quest for new textures, sounds, and combinations thereof, with Me Moan Daughn Gibson dares to tread where most would laugh at the possibility of venturing.

He walks a lonely road for sure, and the folk trademarks don’t end there. Daughn is a man’s man, so-to-speak, who brings something unexpected to folk which was desperately needed. It may seem a gimmick to many but his electronic backdrops aren’t just backdrops, they are a piece of the whole. Sampling often gets overlooked lately with the excessive use of electronics as a way of “fixing” the performance of the artist or backing band, but here its part of the DNA. With proper attention the sampling and electronic creations can be as interesting and intriguing as the origins of a mysterious lyric that lingers in your brain. The ideas that Daughn communicates here are inseparable and the whole package can feel like a masterfully dissected Jenga tower where if one more piece was removed it would come crashing down.

By the third time the album broke my expectations it was clear to me that it wouldn’t topple over. Confidence in design is the hallmark of a visionary musician in my mind, and that confidence can provide a glow to their presence whether you’re listening in or watching them on stage. Not that he needs any help making a personable impression, as Daughn has that authentic rugged face and voice that many bar hopping open-mic’ers would smoke cartons to achieve.

In combining worlds that would rarely if ever intersect Daughn Gibson has achieved a number one spot on a list that he, himself, created, so its quite hard to say how good this album actually is since its the best of its kind. I would imagine that his futuristic blue collar tones will alienate those who like to adhere to strict genre guidelines, but Me Moan will be like an abandoned briefcase of unmarked hundred dollar bills to those of us who crave something new. Don’t think. Just take the money and run. Daughn would want it that way.

By Keith Roberts

Keith is a writer, guitarist, and hobby producer out of the Greater Boston area.

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