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The Bullitts – They Die By Dawn And Other Short Stories album review

Meet your new favorite artist. Not only can Jeymes Samuel sing, write and produce his own material, and play guitar and piano, he has even created his own genre. Samuel, otherwise known by the stage name The Bullitts, says his music is under the genre “action-adventure,” because he’s musically fearless and “assassinates all rules” with his music. His debut album They Die By Dawn And Other Short Stories is Samuel’s debut album and the accompanying soundtrack to They Die By Dawn, a fifty-minute Western film he directed. (Did we mention he’s into film too?) The film They Die By Dawn stars actress Rosario Dawson, who is also featured on Samuel’s album, along with actress Lucy Liu and rapper Jay Electronica, who was compared by various YouTube commenters to Grammy Award-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco. Also featured on the album is singer/songwriter Tori Amos and several others.

Not all of Samuel’s songs have official videos yet, but the ones that do each tell a different story. For example, the video for his popular 2011 single “Close Your Eyes” (featuring voiceovers by Lucy Liu and a verse by Jay Electronica) is based off of the 1929 surrealist film Un Chien Andalou. For Samuel, film and music have always gone hand in hand. I read an online interview with him in which he stated that his song-producing process typically consists of recording a song and then creating an accompanying short film, or creating a short film beforehand and then writing a song to provide the soundtrack for it. Samuel was also executive music consultant for the 2013 film The Great Gatsby, providing him the opportunity to work with rapper Jay Z, whose track “$100 Bill” appeared in the film.

Throughout They Die By Dawn And Other Short Stories, Samuel’s smooth voice and mostly acoustic guitar riffs are a perfect match with the chill yet danceable beat that every track has. Each track also boasts deep, thought-provoking lyrics. Although “thought-provoking lyrics” doesn’t sound like it fits with “chill yet danceable,” The Bullitts make it work. Covering topics from murder to lost love, each track on the album is as good to chill and listen to by oneself as it would be as the soundtrack to a low key kickback with friends. Although if that’s the case, you may want to pull up YouTube and show everyone the videos that go along with each track in order to get the full effect of Samuel’s music. Whether you love interesting lyrics, catchy electronic hooks, or rap verses, or you’re just curious about what “action-adventure” music sounds like, They Die By Dawn And Other Short Stories is definitely worth checking out.

By Jessica Nemire

Jessica is a writer, avid people watcher, and music enthusiast. She loves live music and exploring.

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