The Silver Seas – Alaska album review

The first thought that came to mind when I heard The Silver Seas’s title track to their new album Alaska, was that these guys sounded like the Stone Temple Pilot’s awful attempt at a career saving side project. You remember Talk show don’t you? Of course you don’t; that’s because I am the only person who has ever owned that album and actually admitted it. The Seas are pop rock just like Talk Show minus the awesome Hello, Hello. I will say that their lead singer Daniel Tashian has a pleasant enough voice, one that will make pay to attention to whatever he has to say even if you are completely uninterested. It’s nowhere near as cool or as memorable as the great Barry White’s voice but it is similarly effective. Barry could be singing nursery rhymes and women would magically end up pregnant as a result. Again, Tashian isn’t quite there but he’s engaging none the less.

The best way to describe their music is to compare it to what you would likely hear playing at the kiddie stage of a music festival. Here is where you would also see old “hip” parents dancing off beat with their kids who are rocking recycled Toms shoes. It’s not completely awful (and that’s not a compliment), I just can’t quite figure out who their demographic is. Is it these weird out of touch parents, stoners who stumble upon the opening act for Phish, or simply the band’s family members and girlfriends?

Well, as I made my way through this attempt at rock, here were a few tracks that stood out to me. I’m the One was promising at times, that is until the awful musical breakdown midway through the song, this is where they realized that it actually takes just a bit of talent to do something outside of the basic music 101 drum beat. You may want to add in some fills from time to time and maybe even consider playing something better than Chop Sticks during the solo portion of the song.

I must however give them credit for covering multiple genres of music in this album. You have everything from 60’s banjo music in As the Crow Flies to easy listening 80’s in Roxy. And Sea of Regret is actually a pleasant sounding country music surprise with the addition of the steel guitar. They sing songs about love and unforgettable women but then the album eventually drifts off into nothingness. That is until you come to ear piercing Karaoke Star; this song sounds like it was a B side from one of the Flight of the Conchords episodes. Again, that is not a compliment.  The closer Wild Honey is probably the best song on the album although it gets a little too Hootie and the Blowfish with the lyrics. “I’d fall deep in the ocean just to find you”

Given the hype that these guys have around them in that area, I cannot believe that this is the best Nashville has to offer. There is absolutely no way that town is as cool as Austin. I say pass on this album and go pick up Scott Weiland’s first solo album instead.

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