Up and Coming Music – Some New Artists to Check Out

Brick + Mortar – This small town New Jersey band has a large, aggressive sound. Their newest release, which came out on July 30th, is titled Bangs and features hard hitting and very modern sounding rock songs, each with catchy and unique vocals to boot. The sound effects set them apart while strong songwriting throughout the album make them a band to watch out for. Choice tracks are “Bangs” and “Heatstroke.” The album is available on Spotify and for sale on Bandcamp.

Lorde – Sixteen year old artist from New Zealand, Lorde, brings us a fresh alternative sound. She soars on her lead track “Royals,” which is complete with layered harmonies and lyrics about a counter culture to themes materialim in relevant pop music such as gold teeth, diamonds and Cristal champagne. The beats are minimalist in nature but with high quality production the end result sounds huge. Lorde, known to friends and family as Ella Yelich-O’Connor, is still finishing high school and reportedly works on her music during winter and summer breaks.

Polymath – Instrumental art rock at its finest, the humble band from Brighton England is comprised of three talented musicians, led by Tim Walters, who are not afraid to push the envelope in order to create futuristic sounds, tempo changes and intricate musical pieces.  Best place to check them out in on their soundcloud page where there are two teasers: Tetragon and Vertex. The band is hard at work, recording new material in the studio, and will be supporting Bosnian Rainbows on their UK leg of the tour. Thier new single Vertex is available for free download here.

Bosnian Rainbows – This band from El Paso Texas was formed by Omar Rodriguez, formerly the leader of Mars Volta. He gathered his former Mars Volta drummer Deantoni Parks, and collaborators Terri Gender Bender, of the Bucherettes and Nicci Kasper to create their individual new sound. Art rock and experimentation meet straight forward songwriting with tempo changes and various moments of outlandishness. Highlights include album opener “Eli,” and singles “Turtle Neck,” “Morning Sickness” and “Torn Maps.”

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