Pet Shop Boys – Electric album review

There’s already no doubt that the Pet Shop Boys have firmed up a place for themselves in pop and electronic music history. With a career that spans three decades and contains several Platinum and Gold albums it’s not really a question of wether their new album is good, but rather one of how good. Electric is the twelfth studio album by the English duo and their first to be released on their own label, x2. With this new album the Pet Shop Boys have broken the three year cycle of releasing albums (their past 8 albums) and brought back the energy that was lacking in their last release, Elysium from 2012. The entire album is essentially a complete 49:12 dance set for any electronic club, something that the Boys were shooting for.

Though the Pet Shop Boys have strayed through their genre over the years with moods and tempo, they have always stayed true to the electronic music that they began creating in the early 80s. This new album is easily recognizable as a Pet Shop Boys record and with the great tempo and dance mixes will introduce them to a younger generation of electronic devotees, an impressive feat for an album that was recorded and released in less then a year. As with a lot of electronic music it’s likely that this album will feel out of place in the home or car, unless you are already an electronic aficionado. However, the album truly has something for everyone, take for example their excellent cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Last to Die”. Have you ever heard of anything that The Boss is part of, not to be appealing to everyone who breathes oxygen? Wouldn’t it be magnificent if the two bands actually got together for some collaboration?

If you are looking for a good electronic album to get your body moving, but one that is not quite as mainstream (and already overplayed) as Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, than Electronic is for you. And if you are under 20, it’s likely a lot of your friends haven’t even heard of the ‘cool old band the Pet Shop Boys, how retro, those guys could like, be our granparents’.

By Chris Bretecher

I am a traveler, music ├ęcouteur, designer, and builder of things I design (see previous trait). When not traveling, I am listening to music, designing, and building things I design (see previous activity).

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