The Dirteez – The Wild Side of Love album review

Throwbacks to an older kind of sound don’t get much more authentic than when a band decides to re-issue one of its old albums. So it’s no surprise that French veteran voodoo rockers The Dirteez have done a convincing job with the genre for their latest release, The Wild Side of Love — after all it is, in fact, a digital rerelease of the 1990 debut record of the same name.

Given this fact, it would be pretty hard to dispute its authenticity. As an original artifact from the heyday of the genre, it functions as well as any record should. It plays up its deathrock influences well — the songs are simple but heavy, featuring standards like rhythmic, drilling instrumentals and a deep, haunting male vocalist. The tracks are loud and the lyrics indiscernible. To add to the theatricality of it all, the album seems to be centred around a theme. Called The Wild Side of Love, tracks with names like “Law of the Jungle,” “Cannibal Obsessions,” and “The Beast Inside” seem to work towards this imagery. In combination, these elements give the record a certain kind of horrific carnality. Its the kind of album that makes you want to headbang and thrash and rage without ever really understanding why.

This is obviously something that worked back in the day and it’s not hard to see why. The record is not necessarily very deep or full of emotion, but one look at its comic-book style cover and you know its not meant to be. The Wild Side of Love is, at its heart, just another way to let loose and have fun — whether you’re taking a trip down memory lane or discovering it for the first time.

By Nouran Sedaghat

I just want to hold hands and eat ice cream, listen to good music, and have a good day.

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