Hello Creatures – Let’s Say We Did album review

We should definitely be paying more attention to Stockholm’s 5-man band, Let’s Say We Did. Their newest album, Hello Creatures, certainly offers lo-fi melodramatic tones, and it also seems to whisper with an indie rock sensation that’s all their own.

Hello Creatures comes complete with a hint of forlorn, but also with a sense of direction. They intermingle concentrated guitar riffs with a hypnotic melody that spews out somewhat distorted and groovy.

Into Wherever” is an outstanding way to begin this journey. It’s relaxed tempo almost has a Grandaddy feel to it. Pair that with some dreamy vocals, and it’s a great start. The album flows right along into “Hey Kid”, where they throw in some very interesting harmonies that’s certainly catchy and makes it stick out from the rest as it has a clear sixties vibe to it. Goodbye!” picks up the pace with it’s captivating beats and edgy guitar rifts. As we dive deeper into Hello Creatures, “Sound Asleep” takes it down a notch with it’s chilled, relaxing beat, and mesmerizing lyrics.

“The Stars Above Looked So Bright…” is my personal favorite on the album. The subtle guitar solos are captivating, as the lyrics are quite purposeful. “Seemingly Unfit” includes some really great pre chorus riffs, and the vibrant chorus reminds me a bit of Pearl Jam, which is quite the honor. This is the song on the album that packs the most punch with its fuzzy melody of electronics.

“Boogey Den” is a cheerful song that makes you want to get up and dance! I have a feeling that this might be the theme song for Hello Creatures.

The album ends on a high note with “I Was There Too”. This is the longest track on the album, but it certainly doesn’t get dull. You can really rock out as it finishes with a bang!

Let’s Say We Did – Hello Creatures has produced some very impressive melodies, and I love how they mixed in the classic sixties and seventies influences. The small, yet noticeable details they threw in to keep the tracks fresh make all the difference. Hello Creatures is stimulating, curious and very promising. It carries with it a dynamic of solid sound that melts together nicely.