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People, I work hard. Seriously. And I do it all for you. Hey now stop laughing, I really mean it. I spend hours everyday scouring chat-rooms, forums, Myspace pages and porn sites (wait scratch that last one) in an effort to bring you the stories others can’t.
Well as you all (should) know, Social D. went and released a greatest hits album. While I may frown on this practice, I do understand and will not hold it against Mr. Ness and company. As is required for any greatest hits collection, they capped it off with a new song, and a rather good one at that. “Far Behind”, the bands current single aggressively goes after those treacherous and two faced back-stabbers we all deal with in life. With Social D. celebrating the big 3-0 next year I’d imagine they’ve seen more than their share of coat-tail riders and hangers on, something tells’ me this song was a long time coming. On the same note, Mike Ness recently took the time to sit down with the folks over at Billboard, among other subjects tossed around was the impending follow-up to 2004’s Sex, Love and Rock ‘N’ Roll. Don’t be surprised if the content spans all three decades.
While we’re waxing old school, Suicidal Tendencies is on tour! Kinda. The Kings of Cali Thrash are hitting the road in early August. First playing the Sounds Of The Underground Tour, and then steaming to Japan, just in time to headline a few dates on the Summer Sonic Festival. Anyone else thinking these might be warm-up dates?
Summer Sonic Festival – 2007
August 11th Osaka, Japan
August 12th Tokyo, Japan
For more information check out –
Stateside the band is headlining three shows.
Sounds Of The Underground Tour 2007
August 3rd San Jose, California
August 4th Irvine, California
August 5th Mesa, Arizona
Check out for the complete lineup.
Also on tour this summer, a band even Jesus loves’ (according to the their website) The Smut Peddlers! This Huntington Beach based quintet may just be the most politically incorrect band on earth. Totally tasteless, proverbially polluted and playing an all ages show near you. With lyrical content along the lines of an N.A. meeting, these partying punx aren’t for the faint of heart. These guys (and one girl) are pure punk rock. They tour in a Ford van, play dive bars all over California, and once accused me of driving a Volvo to a Pennywise concert. For the record, it was a Subaru and it belonged to my woman. If you’re lucky enough to catch one of the shows, be on the lookout for new tracks from the soon to be released (August 27th) disc featuring digitally remastered content from their first two demo’s originally released in 1993 and 1994 (previously available only on cassette). The Shows are as follows:
August 10th Studio 99, Bakersfield, California – all ages
August 11th The Distillery, Sacto, California – over 21
August 25th The Alley, Fullerton, California – CD Release Party – all ages
Check out for a cool picture of Jesus and oh so much more.
Now playing…Fletcher Says. Hard hitting Pennywise strummer Fletcher Dragge has taken the gloves off and is giving hollywood big-wigs the pounding they deserve. B-listers beware lest you find yourselves in the ring with the big man at Yeah you heard it right, home to Fletcher Says, Dragges’ own outlet to bask or bash the powers that be in Hollywood. Well written, and so far batting a thousand. Accoding to the newest (and only post) the The Fantastic Four were anything but. Way to go big guy.
While we’re singing the praises of the silver screen, we might as well mention my must see movie of the summer; Punks Not Dead The Movie. Now playing on a limited basis across the states, the rockumentary was produced by Susan Dynner an aging punk rocker by her own admission. Prior to launching into this “five year labor of love,” Dynner was VP of Creative Affairs at Ventura Films (owned by Charlie Sheen and Nick Cassavettes) co-produced Brick, a 2005 Sundance Film Festival award winner and at one point functioned as the VP of Development at Prairiefire Films.
Production and Direction credits also go to Todd Traina, founder of Red Rover Films and Producer of 2006’s “What We Do Is Secret” which centered on punk – icon Darby Crash and his band The Germs. Tim Armstrong (Op. Ivy/Rancid) is credited as well, garnering the title of Co-Producer. You go Tim.
It should be interesting, comparing Punks Not Dead with 2006’s “American Hardcore” which was a Sundance and Toronto Film Festival selection as well. Strangely enough, both movies focus on many of the same bands, though “Not Dead” continues past 1986 which is where “Hardcore” left us. In perusing the “cast” I’ve noted the obligatory Henry Rollins/ Jello Biafra credits. Great. We all know these two were instrumental parts of the scene back then, but come on they are both so tired it’s not funny. Rollins is nothing more than a sheep in wolves clothing, jumping on any VH1 special he can get his little hands on and Jello is an absurd self – serving egomaniac. Christ most of his contemporaries can’t even stand him. Ranting aside, I’ve got high hopes, the film was done in true old-school DIY fashion, the bands (Rancid, UK Subs, Sub Humans, NOFX, The Damned and many others) were not compensated, Dynner in fact actually had to hold down a day job to help finance production (which took five years). You can sink your teeth into all the juicy details at Can’t wait to hear what Fletcher Says.

Every Time I Say Something Nice About Someone…

They just have to go and give me a brand new reason to hate them all over again! In the case of; The People vs. Mr. Brett Michaels’ (and VH1/Rock Of Love), we have been provided ample ammunition for aggression. People charges have been filed, the case is going to court, and I’m the Prosecutor!
Your Honor, I’d like to present the following evidence that will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Mr. Michaels is indeed the worlds’ biggest douchebag.
Strike One: Taste in women…or lack there of. WTF Brett? You have chosen (on several occassions I might add) to make out with Rodeo, your resident 40 something cowgirl. Bro…she’s buff…like man buff. Her neck looks like Hulk Hogans’ circa 1985. Not to mention she also wears a cowboy hat. Constantly! And, worst of all… she has a misshapen head. At this point do I even need to bring in Magdalena? He…oops I mean she needs to go. Seriously.
Strike Two: You nixed Tiffany! C’mon Brett any woman who slurs “don’t threaten me with a good time” has got to be entertaining, and completely retarted. Undoubtably her undiagnosed personality disorder and definite substance abuse problems would have pumped life in to a show that has completely flat-lined after one episode.
Strike Three: Your wardrobe. I know you’ve always worn your little cowboy hat, but this time you have really lowered the bar. Yeah I’m talkin about your jammies. Are you for real? Red and black dragon jammies. Are you 40 or 4? As if that weren’t the lamest thing I’d ever seen, you finish the show wearing a cow hide duster and matching cowboy hat. Hey jackass! Yeah you with the hair extensions, YOU LIVE IN L.A.! Not to mention you were indoors.
Thats it Your Honor. The Prosecution rest’s.
14 seconds later the jury returns the guilty verdict and the judge allows me to sentence you.
Mr. Michaels, this court hereby sentences you to spend the remainder of your life stuck on Survivor Island with Mark Burnett, Nancy Grace, George W. Bush, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Vick,Davey Havok, the entire cast of Pirate Master and anyone else we decide to exile. Maybe Mr. Burnett will come up with an immunity challenge…loser has to bunk with Nancy.

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Bits And Pieces

Need good information? Hit up the rumor mill…it may not be accurate, factual or otherwise credible, but it’s always entertaining.
Rumor has it, that NOFX (Fat Wreck Chords) is putting together a new live album (their second), slated for an early 2008 release. It should tide over fans who haven’t seen anything new since 2006’s “Wolves In Wolves Clothing.” The new album should be content heavy considering the band has been globe trotting as of late, playing far away venues in mystical lands(Japan, South Korea,China, South Africa). It will be NOFX’s second live release, the first, 1995’s “I Heard They Suck Live” was well received. Rejoice.
“Rise To Your Knees” the latest offering from proverbial psychedelic-punk rockers The Meat Puppets provides listeners (and bandmates) an unexpected twist. The brothers Kirkwood together again. Following a hiatus of little more than a decade, brother Cris (on bass) has rejoined the line-up alongside brother Curt (on guitar) in creating the legendary bands newest release. Once refered to by his brother (Cris) as a “suicide in progress” Curt has seemingly overcome his struggles which have included a stint in jail, drug abuse, and best of all a gun-shot wound. Oh the irony.
Gearing up for the start of their North American tour; Strung Out (whom I’m still undecided on). The band will return from Europe and kick things off August 31st in California. They’ll follow up with a second leg (primarily East Coast and Mid West dates)starting in September. While supporting their latest effort “Blackhawks Over Los Angeles” the boys will tour with Evergreen Terrace and I amGhost.
Fuse T.V. aka (MTV 3, the network you love to hate) has been doing some cool things as of late. Warped Wdenesdays’…your weekly Vans Warped Tour wrap-up is fun a couple hours of relatively good music. I love the idea, but would like to see better excecution. Also on the air “Crusty’s Dirt Demons” the first reality show worth watching. Heavy Metal, motorcycles, and mayhem! How much do I have to shell out for tickets to that party? For those of you not in the loop, The Crusty Demons is a group of tight -knit riding buddies (FMX/Motocross) who pioneered the FMX video scene in the mid-nineties. The group includes O.G.’s the likes of “Mad” Mike Jones, Larry “Link” Linkogle, Seth Enslow, Mike Metzger, the loveable redneck Bubba, and of course multi-media magnate Dana Nicholson. Contestants are brawling for a spot on Team Crusty and the chance to take their career to new heights. Hey I ride, and I have more tattoos than resident loudmouth Sean Highland…I want in. Additionally check out for a cool contest link to Fuse TV (it’s also a great site), where you can win your very own Nintendo Wii. Sweet.
And although the news is over a week old, people love to wax intelluctual regarding the Horrorpops recent line-up changes. Get over it! In Geoff Kresge’s case it was inevitable. Viva Hate was his dream. It was half the reason he left Tger Army in the first place. Good for him, even the band supported his move. But in regards to Naomi and Kamilla Vanilla, are you f@#*ing kidding me? People these are dancers, last time I checked NOT an important ingredient. Besides threesomes rule. On the subject, what is with Psycho-Billy? Great style of music, so why should the fans ruin it, old dudes with six inch Vanilla Ice pompadors died black, busty Bettie Page wannabe wives. Scenesters. It’s not f-ing Halloween!
And last but not least Rants and Raves!
Rave: The Aggrolites newest self titled release. Only lately has the groups music become “main stream” music store accessible (doesn’t hurt to be Tim Armstrong’s backing band). Think true, dark, dance hall reggae with a pinch of Cali attitude thrown in for good measure. Full length review coming soon.
Rave: Rock of Love With Brett Michaels’ the offering from the folks over at VH1. Let me just clarify, I hate Poison, always have, always will. The only things real about that band were their sexual escapades and drug problems. Musically they were never innovators, or particularly talented but they were pretty. And at the time, American women 15 – 30 years of age liked their men pretty, the possibilities were endless; hairspray for two, huge makeup collections, and double dates with the hair dresser. Huh now that I think of it, kinda like todays Emo generation. Distaste aside, I love Brett Michaels, he’s rude, arrogant, and honest. Besides he’s been placed in a room full of chemically polluted, silicone enhanced toys (strippers and porn stars) and given carte blanch. Keep an eye on Tiffany, possible split personality/substance abuse problems…She should make for some quality entertainment.
Rant: New School big-label A&R guys who think every band with a pop-punk sound should dress in black and wear eyeliner a la Davey Havok (sell out extraordinaire). What the f#@%? You take great bands and ruin them. Go back to booking Maroon 5.
Rant: “Honest Goodbye” the new Bad Religion single. First I question the bands judgement. Then I see it performed live a few weeks ago, it grows on me, and I begin to dig it for what it is. Then my son loops it 9,000 times for 4 straight days, and every “alt-rock” radio station in the good ole U.S. of A. blasts’ it every hour on the hour. Alas I don’t blame them, I blame the band. Why did you release that song as a single? Brett you’ve got Epitaph and Hellcat, Greg you’ve got your P.H.D., what gives? You really need more dough? Try touring more (not on the Warped Tour) write books, shine shoes, anything just please N0 MORE SHITTY SINGLES!
And finally…Serius Punk 29, satelite radios’ “edgy” channel. You started so strong. Original playlists’, cool hosts’ we’d been waiting for a channel like you. Now just repetative and boring. While getting tattooed yesterday (July 18) I heard the same Bad Religion tune 4 times in 4 hours. Ok the song is classic, but 4 times in 4 hours? On the same page, does Jello Biafra (egomaniac du-jour) own a large stake in Sirius? Jello and The Melvins, the D.K.’s, his spoken word garbage, it goes on and on and on and on. Enough already. With a catalog as thick as W’s record of wrong doing, originality should be the focal point. Hey Sirius, I’m available.

Garage Ink Studios To Hold Second Art Show

The Bay Areas’ critically acclaimed Garage Ink Studios(, owned by husband and wife team Rob and Ginger Struven are set to hold the second in a series of three art shows at Garage Inks’ Napa, California location on Saturday July 21st, 2007.

Quickly gaining a reputation as one of the Bay Areas most sought after tattoo artists, Rob is looking to shine in a second medium. Print Art. While tattooing has become a primary focus for Struven, it’s evident he remains driven to create. His technical training (a degree from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco) really shines through in his paintings. A stylistic mixing bowl, his paintings run the gamut, from the romantic to the macabre, and everything in between. One of the more humble artists I know, Struven strives to shine alongside his contemporaries, and this show is no exception.

Among the dozen or so other artists showing lay a few standouts. Nor Cal resident Bruce Gosset is slated to be on hand. Gossets’ work has been featured in/on concert posters (SuperSuckers, Rob Zombie), Hot Rod Magazies and T-Shirts everywhere. For More information check out

Also on the bill, Horiyoshi III. Japan’s leading tattoo sensei. And master of the ancient irezumi-the 200 year old art of Japanese Tattoo. His work, nothing short of transcendent is talent personified. Whether Horiyoshi III actually appears remians to be seen, but having the opportunity to view his original works in such an intimate setting is a rare.
Horitaka proprietor of San Jose California’s State Of Grace Tattoo( is also scheduled to appear. A well known artist up and down the West Coast, Horitaka is also credited for running one of the most successfull annual tattoo conventions (San Jose/State of Grace)in existence today.
Photographers on board include Vancouver, Washington based April May Photography(, purveyor of Fine Art prints detailing some of the most elaborate custom hot-rods the West has to offer.

Others on the bill include; Donovan Kinyon, Horitomo, Jill Bonny, Justin Shaw and quite a few others.

The show will be held Saturday July 21, from 7 to 11 P.M. at Garage Ink Studios, 814 Third St. Napa, California 94559. Admission is free but keep in mind this is a professional showing. In other words; bring your checkbooks.

News Worthy? Notes For Friday the 13th…

Well boys and girls it’s Friday the 13th in cyberspace and if nothing else it’s a good excuse to go out and find some mischief. Cure the summer doldrums drooling in your favorite dive. Cocktail in hand and cryptic rock on repeat.
On a musical note…Anyone notice something strange during Bad Religions set @ Warped Tour 13 in Mountainview on July 1st ? As the band played, various artists, family memebers and friends roamed around on stage (my son included), this sordid group included San Fransisco’s own Fat Mike (NOFX/Fat Wreck Chords) who at one point replaced Brian Baker during the OOzin Aahs…prompting Greg(Graffin) to jesture and verbally…over the mic, mid song, ask for security. Evidently, security (like most everyone else) thought he was joking. It’s just that there was something about the look on his face. Point being over the last two weeks, I’ve spoken with several friends and they all found it strange as well. Knowing that Greg has taken jabs at people in the past (think live performances during the Brett feud) could there be something brewing between the two? Or am I just a shit stirring rumor monger?
As far as recently released music is concerned, I’ve been listening to the new offering from Strung Out-Blackhawks Over Los Angeles. I’m not sure how I feel yet. Power- Pop Punk with a potent political message. Like they’re destined for MTV (which I refuse to watch) but too smart. There is some truly poignant shit here. The title track for one is great. I’d love to watch the chaos described unfold on CNN. Anarchy would rule the day, Glenn Beck would beat the shit out of Nancy Grace. The Headline news crew locked in their station would resort to cannibalism and treachery on live T.V.! Finally Paris Hilton would be paraded through the streets like a sacraficial lamb. Now thats MUST SEE TV. Fantasy aside, check out tracks 5 and 6. If there were a truly active anti-war movement (Not Cindy) like in the 60’s/70’s, I can envision these guys in the middle of it, unlike the oh so Anti Anti-Flag. Drop the Anti guys the rest of your name puts hammer to nail in your case. The the haters hate.