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People Noise continues seemingly endless six-month U.S. tour supporting debut album Ordinary Ghosts

Louisville, KY quintet People Noise is on a mission. Just like in the days before the Interwebs when the only way for a band to build a fan base was consistent touring, the band led by former VHS or Beta guitarist Zeke Buck set out on a seemingly endless tour last April with dates stretching into late September this year. …And the tour itinerary keeps stretching onward.


Boogie Men From The Basement – Death From Above 1979

I was pretty sure I was going to interview an independent band when I set out to ask the two members of Death From Above 1979 a few questions before their concert on Remembrance Day. But when I got there—about 8 hours before they were due to hit the stage—there were already kids who appeared quite settled, dwelling in the staircase that led up to the steal doors of Club Mesa.


The Watson Twins Interview

With the music industry saturated with “personalities” used only as muses by producers and record labels, one can become jaded by the lack of actual, authentic talent in the music marketplace. Luckily, The Watson Twins proves that artistry and craftsmanship are alive and well in this day and age. A modest, folk duo that hails from Louisville, Kentucky, MVRemix had the chance to chat with half of The Watson Twins, Leigh Watson, to discuss their thoughts on being independent, as well as their debut EP, “Southern Manners”.


Michael Franti (Spearhead) Interview

Credible artists are hard to find. Most, when given the opportunity will sell out, why not? We all need money. Few of us actually have strong enough moral fiber to seek something better and inspire change on a global basis. Michael Franti however has. After beginning his musical career frustrated and angry, he moved onto more uplifting, sensual and happy material and travels the globe routinely performing in a unique manner drawing together all audiences he performs before.


James Shaw (Metric) Interview

Wes Kirk sits down with James Shaw and Emily Haines, the two founding members of Toronto’s Metric, at Vancouver’s Commodore ballroom at sound check before their April 7th show. First, two drunk dudes chat about music…


Howling Diablos Interview

The Blues is rooted in the universal truth of pain. As a musical form of expression, Blues was created by talented people who experienced inexorable adversity. While the average person would be incapable to survive such sorrow, Blues musicians formed a whole new musical genre conceived from their struggle…


Girl Talk Interview

The transcripts from an interview conducted with DJ and Pittsburgh native, Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk. Although he explains that he is not in fact a DJ, Girl Talk knows how to get that booty to shake right thurr, plus, he also makes you think. After six years of making music, with three albums to show for it, Gregg Gillis has taken control of the Pittsburgh music scene with his dirty, bouncy, and seductively truthful/possibly illegal sampling and sound presentation. Ooh baby, I like it raw….and by raw, I mean Girl Talk.

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