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The Neighbourhood – I Love You album review

The Neighbourhood has that cool kid vibe. I didn’t think I was cool enough upon first listen. They remind me of the older kids in Dazed and Confused, who bring the young newbie into the fold, allowing him a glimpse into the cooler side of life where sex, drugs and rock & roll mesh together into one big party. Afterall, that’s where we all want to be, right?

Relatively new to the scene, this band possesses a confidence I rarely see in new bands. The imagery and presence seems to be real. They don’t seem cookie-cutter like so many new acts I run into. Their style is true California, a blend of the melancholia, the trivial, endless sprawl, combined with an intimate, conscious effort to find something more worthwhile.

The sound itself, on a pure musical basis reminds me of bands like Muse and Vampire Weekend. They have the chops and patience, noticeable immediately in the opening track ‘How’, of the kind of band that could rock a large crowd, or would make young girls and their friends bob their heads and sway their hips in a small club setting. I can imagine Kendrick Lamar sampling from ‘W.D.Y.W.F.M’ on a new banger.

‘Sweater Weather’ which I might describe as their most vibed out song, opens with that sweet click and bass drum track. The vocals invite you to sing along. The video for this song, which I recommend checking out, holds honesty in its visual chemistry with the music. I grew up in Southern California, and after listening to this song, I am reminded of all the endless possibilities the sand, the water and rock & roll are supposed to open us up to. Overall it’s a great song, even coming packed with it’s own ‘Karma Police’ styled ending as the song shifts energy, never dragging along at any point. By the end, you can’t help but sing along.

The album unfolds in a natural way. You feel small, like you’re living in a sand castle and as you watch the world grow and create new pathways, a dread lingers under the surface. At anytime this sand castle paradise might collapse. Albums like this are deserving of appreciation. They are presenting a solidly thought out presentation, from the look of the band all the way through the album from beginning to end. The Neighourhood isn’t lying to us. This is what they are.

I have a feeling this band is going to blow up. Their sound is not overwrought with tricks and gadgets. It sounds like something you can reach out and touch. And to me, that is the heart of rock & roll. Honesty reveals itself to the audience and the audience responds in kind.

Maybe The Neighbourhood is on to something. They could be in a short queue of musicians trying to bring us back to our roots.

To me, that is a good thing.

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Laura Stevenson – Wheels album review

Here are some words Stevenson uses to describe herself on her website:

“My mom would find me in my room, looking out the window, out at the street, singing by myself, sometimes crying,” she laughs, “I was a weird kid.”

“An unfunny Woody Allen.”

“…she spent her afternoons singing in four different choral groups, exploring a growing love for acapella. “Big time nerd stuff,” as she recalls, lamenting that there wasn’t a show like Glee around to validate her when she was in the thick of it.”

I like her already. Stevenson keeps the songs tight. They typically feature two electric guitars (although one is usually hidden in the background quite nicely) and subtle moments of vocal harmony. Her voice has an interesting tambour that takes a minute to get used to, like a punk rocker, but one who actually has incredibly good control over her voice. If you get a chance, check out her live performances of The Move. It was shocking to me that someone with this kind of guitar talent started out life as a classical pianist, but then again it isn’t really all that surprising because of course she’s incredibly multi-talented.

Personal story: My brother has a lot of fanboy crushes on Korean pop-stars. I’m pretty sure he likes them for their hip-flicking music videos more than the actual music, and there’s nothing really wrong with that if that’s what you’re into. I on the other hand, am a different story. Ms. Stevenson introduces The Move by saying something to the effect of “this is a song about being crazy and ruining someone’s life because of it.” This may say more about me than anything, but I have a huge crush on this girl. She is a fantastically talented musician and adorably self-aware. I would even recommend the music to children, so long as they don’t listen to the lyric content at every second. The acoustic songs are probably more to the general public’s liking, but I very much enjoy the electric guitar songs. If her career is a long one, (fingers crossed) then I don’t think the light punk aesthetic will stick, but hats off to Ms. Stevenson for displaying her versatility instead of sticking to her wheel house. No pun intended.

There are moments where it does feel like something is being held back. I suspect there is still some dark shadow of mad genius in Laura that hasn’t quite found a comfortable space to express itself.

Call me?

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Austra Reveal New Album Track: Listen to “Painful Like” Now. Album Out 6/18 + On Tour Soon

Austra reveal second Olympia track “Painful Like” Stream Below

Sold out release week shows in New York City, London, Paris and Berlin

Announce new headlining New York City show

Photo by Norman Wong

Following the release of lead single “Home,” we are excited to share the new single “Painful Like” from Austra’s forthcoming album Olympia out June 18 on Domino.

Influenced by early Chicago house music when dance music was performed with a live band, “Painful Like” too was performed live in the studio free of any programming or loops. While the lyrics may deal with the disillusionment of growing up gay in a small town and finding solace in the arms of a lover, it’s bubbly and buoyant and reflects that Olympia is fundamentally a dance record.

Stream the new single “Painful Like”

Principal songwriter/vocalist Katie Stelmanis says that was the band’s aim all along. “We are really into dense harmonies and big beautiful melodies, but I also love techno and dance music. I wanted to bring those elements together.” Founding Detroit techno producer Kevin Saunderson recently remixed lead single “Home “ and it will appear on a forthcoming “Home” remixes 12″ backed with a remix from Ital.

Stream Kevin Saunderson and Ital’s remixes of “Home”

Olympia is also an album of transformation. Though it has only been two years since their 2010 debut Feel It Break, After three years of non-stop international touring with the likes of the XX, Grimes and the Gossip, when it came time to record Olympia, Austra had evolved into a complex collaborative effort between its members.

Olympia is available to pre-order now via Domino (Rest of the world) and Paper Bag (in Canada) on CD, limited edition double colored vinyl, standard double vinyl and digitally via iTunes. All pre-orders through Domino or Paper Bag will receive an instant mp3 download of the Home single and the six track Austra + Gina X ‘Mayan Drums’ 12” collaboration released earlier this month for Record Store Day.

Austra have sold out release week shows in New York, London, Paris, and Berlin have announced new headlining shows in those cities including September 22 at Webster Hall in New York.

Austra is Katie Stelmanis, Maya Postepski and Dorian Thornton, in collaboration with Ryan Wonsiak, Sari Lightman and Romy Lightman.

Watch the lead single “Home” video Here directed by That Go.

Stream the lead single “Home” Here


06-02 Dublin, IE – Forbidden Fruit

06-06 Zurich, CH – Plaza

06-07 Luzerne, CH – Sudpol

06-08 Yverdon-les Bains, SE – L’Amalgame

06-10 Amsterdam, NL – Bitterzoet

06-11 Gent, BE – DOKBox

06-12 Paris, FR – Nouveau Casino (SOLD OUT)

06-14 Berlin, DE – Lido (SOLD OUT)

06-17 London, UK – Hoxton Bar Grill (SOLD OUT)

06-20 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg ^ (SOLD OUT)

06-23 Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour

06-26 San Francisco, CA – The Independent

07-18 Nijmegen, Netherlands – Valkhof Festival

07-19 Ferropolis, DE – Melt Festival

07-21 Suffolk, UK – Latitude Festival

07-25 Madrid, ES – Nasti Club

07-26 Barcelos, PT – Milhoes De Festa Festival

07-30 Milan, Italy – Magnolia

07-31 Padova, Italy – Radar Festival

08-01 Feldkirch, AT – PoolBar Festival

08-02 Salzburg, AT – Stuck! Festival

08-03 Katowice, PL – OFF Festival

08-04 Katowice, PL – OFF Festival (DJ)

08-07 Luxembourg – EXIT 07

08-09 Gothenburg, SE – Way Out West Festival

08-10 Helsinki, FI – Flow Festival

08-14 St Malo, FR – La Route Du Rock Festival

08-17 Biddinghuizen, NL – Lowlands Festival

08-30 Detroit, MI – Crofoot Ballroom *

08-31 Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall *

09-01 Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock *

09-04 Seattle, WA – Neumos *

09-05 Portland, OR – MusicFest NW

09-10 Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom *

09-12 Dallas, TX – Trees *

09-13 Austin, TX – Mohawk *

09-14 Houston, TX – Fitzgeralds *

09-15 New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks *

09-17 Atlanta, GA – The Earl *

09-18 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle *

09-19 Washington, DC – Black Cat *

09-20 Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer *

09-22 New York, NY – Webster Hall *

09-24 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall *

11-25 London, UK – Koko

^ w/ Mozart’s Sister

* w/ DIANA

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Stereophonics return to the US for tour dates

One of the most durable and consistently successful bands ever to come out of the U.K. band scene, Stereophonics return to the U.S. August 20th with the release of their chart topping U.K. album Graffiti on the Train; their eighth studio album, out on their own Stylus Records.

Released earlier this year in the U.K., Graffiti on the Train entered the U.K. charts at number 3 and has remained in the Top 20 ever since. Affirming that this is their best album in a decade, the album has quickly gone gold and is well on its way to platinum status.

Written by lead vocalist and guitarist Kelly Jones and produced by Kelly Jones and Jim Lowe, Graffiti on the Train is the final piece in the puzzle for a newly refined and cinematic Stereophonics, a band that has London’s Sunday Times calling this album their “least conventional yet”, praising its “newfound lightness of touch” and confirming “The album contains Jones’s best work of his career.”

A storyteller first and foremost Kelly Jones unravels storylines and sketches characters with poetic finesse – inspired by the screenplay he has been working on of the same name, Graffiti On A Train is a fascinating, filmic LP unlike anything the group have attempted in the past. Loosely telling the story of two friends who flee the country after a tragic accident, the record is both reflective and surprisingly fragile.

We find Jones at the helm of all the videos from this album, which he has both written and directed including the first U.S. single, ‘Indian Summer.’ Upon release in the U.K. earlier this year, ‘Indian Summer’marked the band’s 26th Top 40 hit on the U.K. charts.

As one of the best live bands imported from the U.K. in the last twenty years, North America will be treated to select tour dates and an Indian Summer to be remembered. At a recent U.K. show, John Earls of the Daily Star noted, “Girls sat on their boyfriends shoulders, Welsh flags were held aloft, beer was thrown everywhere and the singalongs kept coming.”

Having spanned decades of success selling over 9 million career albums and currently sitting at the top of U.K. album charts, this return to the other side of the pond is a tour not to be missed. Their U.S. tour kicks off in Philadelphia on September 19 at Union Transfer. See below for complete tour itinerary.

Stereophonics are: Kelly Jones- vocals/guitar, Richard Jones-bass, Adam Zindani -guitar and Jamie Morrison – drums.

Stereophonics North American Tour Dates:

September 19 Philadelphia – Union Transfer

September 20 Boston – House of Blues

September 21 New York – Terminal 5

September 22 Washington DC – 9.30 Club

September 24 Montreal – Corona Theatre

September 25 Toronto – Danforth Music Hall

September 27 Detroit – St Andrews Hall

September 28 Chicago – Vic Theatre

September 29 Minneapolis – First Ave

October 1 Denver – Bluebird Theatre

October 4 Seattle – Showbox

October 5 Vancouver – Commodore

October 6 Portland – Wonder Ballroom

October 8 San Francisco – Fillmore

October 10 Los Angeles – Henry Fonda

October 13 Mexico City – Corona Festival

Graffiti On The Train Tracklisting:

1.We Share The Same Sun

2.Graffiti On The Train

3.Indian Summer

4.Take Me


6.Roll The Dice

7.Violins And Tambourines

8.Been Caught Cheating

9.In A Moment

10.No One’s Perfect

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The Boy Least Likely To – The Great Perhaps album review

The Boy Least Likely To’s The Great Perhaps is a sonically childlike trip through the broken heart. The Boy’s third effort, The Great Perhaps is, similar to their albums in the past, quirky and light-hearted, but decidedly less successful in marrying its childlike charm with more mature themes. At its best The Great Perhaps juxtaposes their youthful sound with adult lyrical content quite charmingly, at its worst veering on tastelessness and gimmick.

Jof Owen and Pete Hobbs formed The Boy Least Likely To in 2002, and have remained refreshingly outside of the ups and downs of the indie pop world ever since. Their first record, The Best Party Ever found The Boy’s quite a lot of success with many ad placements including General Motors and Apple, sharing the same childlike themes and tinkling production as The Great Perhaps. However, it was decidedly more refined, more mature.

The Boys find their stride halfway through the album with the ballad “Michael Collins.” It’s melodies are reminiscent of Pink Floyd, and the lyrical content is the most deeply developed on the album. On the other end of the spectrum is the track “Even Jesus Couldn’t Mend My Heart.” Thematically this song is a bit of a conundrum, with the prevalent Jesus reference, but that may be a matter of taste. Owen and Hobbs take the juxtaposition between heartbroken lyrical content and childlike (reminiscent of video-game sounds of my childhood) production too far on this one; it feels tasteless.

As a complete work, The Great Perhaps is a charming effort from a comfortingly out-of-the-loop duo. They are not concerned with trends or ebbs and flows of indie pop music, simply progressing from album to album in their own way. They get to a catchy and charming point for the last half of the record, “The Dreamer Song” is a definite standout with its soaring melody and nostalgic vibe, even a Beach Boys influenced harmony. I just wish that they got to this charming point sooner.

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The Wild Feathers To Tour With Willie Nelson, Debut Album Out 8/6

The Wild Feathers will be heading out with the legendary Willie Nelson this summer. The west coast run, which kicks off August 13th in Las Vegas, NV, will support the August 6th release of the band’s self-titled debut album. First single “The Ceiling” is heading toward the Top 15 at AAA radio. Watch the video for the “The Ceiling” here:

The Wild Feathers are a truly American band: their music takes elements of the best of rock, country, folk and blues music and reshapes it in a way that is both unique and modern. Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns, Preston Wimberly and Ben Dumas grew up steeped in music; playing solo gigs, touring with local bands and working at venues. The guys came together in Austin in 2010 through coincidence, mutual friends, and a shared love of the classics: Petty, Dylan, Cash, The Band, Allman Bros, Graham Parsons and Neil Young. The young band spent the next year writing and defining their sound before heading into the studio to record with producer Jay Joyce (Cage the Elephant, Emmylou Harris).

Now based in Nashville, The Wild Feathers have spent little time at home this year: they’ve joined country’s Kip Moore, opened for Bob Dylan, played Hangout and Sasquatch festivals and are currently on the road with Ryan Bingham. Full tour dates are below.

5/29 Missoula, MT / The Wilma Theatre #

5/30 Great Falls, MT / Rumors #

5/31 Bozeman, MT / Emerson Cultural Center #

6/1 Billings, MT / Babcock Theater #

6/2 Laramie, WY / Gryphon Theatre #

6/4 Jackson, WY / Pink Garter Theatre #

6/5 Boise, ID / Egyptian Theater #

6/7 Portland, OR / Roseland Theater #

6/8 Eugene, OR / WOW Hall #

6/9 Sacramento, CA / Harlow’s Night Club #

6/11 Mill Valley, CA / Sweetwater, Music Hall #

6/12 Crystal Bay, NV / Crystal Bay Club Casino #

6/20 Bethelem, PA / Musikfest Café &

6/22 Charlottesville, VA / Jefferson Theatre &

6/28 St. Louis, MO / The Old Rock House

7/14 Louisville, KY / Forecastle Festival

8/13 Las Vegas, NV/Smith Center*

8/14 Tucson, AZ/Anselmo Amp*

8/16 Wendover, NV/Peppermill Concert Hall*

8/17 Laughlin, NV/Edgewater Casino*

8/18 Pozo, CA/Pozo Saloon*

8/20 Santa Cruz, CA/Civic Aud*

8/21 Sacramento, CA/Community Ctr Theater*

8/23 Redmond, WA/Marymoor Amp*

8/24 Goldendale, WA/Maryhill Winery*

# w/ Ryan Bingham

& w/ Delta Rae

*w/Willie Nelson

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They Might Be Giants On Tour Through Fall, Perform LIVE On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

Brooklyn’s original alternative rockers, They Might Be Giants, have made a valiant return to the US after their recent stint though Australia and New Zealand. The band will take over North American stages once again on a massive 35-date tour in support of their deliriously catchy new studio album, Nanobots. The tour includes a “Celebrate Brooklyn” hometown show as well as stops in Los Angeles, Des Moines, Kansas City, Boise, Seattle, DC & Vancouver.

Fans that are not able to make it out to a show can experience the band’s explosive live rendition of their hit “Istanbul” on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Nanobots features 45 memorable minutes of electrifying pop melodies, vivid lyrics and just enough bass-clarinet. Check out the trippy, animated video for single “Insect Hospital +” by Hine Mizushima HERE.

Nanobots is available at all digital & physical retailers via Idlewild Recordings, and marks the debut offering through the band’s new distributor Megaforce Records. Known for recording numerous themes – most notably The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the GRAMMY-winning Malcolm In the Middle theme – the band has 2 platinum albums, 2 gold albums and have been nominated for 3 GRAMMYs, winning two. Revered for their energized live show and love of the road, catch the band live on tour!

“Perfect pop music can come from anywhere and can go anywhere. They Might Be Giants have demonstrated this for a quarter century…”
– The New Yorker

“Catch them if you can — their live shows always deliver.”
– USA Today

“catchy pop heroics mixed with jingle-length songlets”
– Rolling Stone

“’You’re On Fire” is a catchy and surprisingly toothy power-pop gem”
– Stereogum

“ …echoes Squeeze or their beloved XTC, exploits some pretty dramatic dynamic shifts, and takes a quite literal interpretation of the common idiom.“

National Tour Dates
* = w/ Moon Hooch
# = w/ Vandaveer

North American Tour Continues
5/30: Indianapolis, IN @ The Vogue #
5/31: Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall #
6/1: Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue #
6/2: Iowa City, IA @ Englert Theatre #
6/4: Des Moines, IA @ Wooly’s #
6/5: Omaha, NE @ The Slowdown #
6/6: Kansas City, MO @ Crossroads #
6/7: Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre *
6/8: Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot *
6/9: Boise, ID @ Egyptian Theatre *
6/10: Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret #
6/11: Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo #
6/12: Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom #
6/14: San Francisco, CA @ Warfield Theatre #
6/15: Anaheim, CA @ HOB #
6/16: San Diego, CA @ Belly Up #
8/8: Asbury Park, NJ @ Stone Pony
8/9: Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
8/10: Brooklyn, NY @ Celebrate Brooklyn *
10/10: Providence, RI @ Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
10/11: Wilmington, DE @ World Cafe Live
10/12: Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
10/15: Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theatre
10/16: Knoxville, TN @ Bijou Theatre
10/17: Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre
10/18: Jacksonville, FL @ Free Bird Live
10/19: Orlando, FL @ Nerdapalooza at Orange County Convention Center
10/20: Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl Music Hall
10/22: Austin, TX @ Stubb’s BBQ
10/24: Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre
10/25: Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
10/26: Los Angeles, CA @ Royce Hall (2 shows)
2pm Special Family Show
8pm Rock Show
10/27: Santa Cruz, CA @ Rio Theatre
11/1: Uncasville, CT @ The Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun

New UK/EU Dates Announced!
11/15: Edinburgh, UK @ Queens Hall
11/17: Belfast, UK @ The Limelight
11/18: Dublin, Ireland @ Vicar Street
11/19: London, UK @ Shepherds Bush Empire
11/20: Manchester, UK @ Academy 2
11/22: Weissenhauserstrand, Germany @ Rolling Stone Weekender
11/23: Berlin, Germany @ Festaal Kreuzberg

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New Animal Collective EP Out Today || New Tour Dates and Traxman Remix

Photo Credit: @abitaphoto

Animal Collective Announce New Tour Dates
Including Festival Appearances at
MusicFestNW and Treasure Island

Animal Collective Tour Dates
5/28: Brussels, Belgium @ AB6/11: Washington, DC @ 930 Club
6/12: Washington, DC @ 930 Club
6/14: Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo
7/4: Roskilde, Denmark @ Roskilde Festival
7/6: Gdynia, Poland @ Open’er Festival
7/9: Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall *
7/10: Ottawa, ON @ Ottawa Blues Fest
7/11: Portland, ME @ State Theatre
7/12: Mariaville, NY @ Camp Bisco
7/14: Louisville, KY @ Forecastle Festival
7/15: Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Hall *
7/16: Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues *
7/18: Covington, KY @ The Madison Theater
7/19: Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works #
9/6: Portland, OR @ MusicFest NW * NEW
9/7: Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory* NEW
9/8: Salt Lake City, UT @ Depot *
9/9: Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre *
9/11: Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
10/16: Madison, WI @ Orpheum Theatre *
10/17: Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre *
10/20: San Francisco, CA @ Treasure Island Festival NEW
10/21: Los Angeles,CA @ Wiltern * NEW
10/22: Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee* NEW
10/24: Kansas City, MO @ Midland Theater *
10/25: St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
10/25-27: Asheville, NC @ Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit

* w/Dan Deacon
# w/Chairlift

“[Centipede Hz] captures the sound of studio wizards who are once again ready to unleash some sweaty savagery on the live stage.” – NPR

Today marks the release of Animal Collective’s Monkey Been To Burn Town remix EP on Domino Records. Drawing from the band’s latest record Centipede Hz, the EP features remixes of “Monkey Riches” by Gang Gang Dance’s Brian Degraw, Chicago Juke producer Traxman and New York underground dance producers Teengirl Fantasy, as well as a remix of “New Town Burnout” by Seattle based hip-hop collective Shabazz Palaces. In honor of the EP’s release, Animal Collective has made Traxman’s remix of “Monkey Riches” available for stream.

Animal Collective is also happy to announce new additional tour dates to the upcoming North American tour. In addition to previously announced dates, Animal Collective will also be performing new dates in Los Angeles, Boise, and Phoenix. The band has also added two new festival appearances, including Treasure Island in San Francisco, and a headlining spot at MusicFest NW in Portland, OR. These shows come in addition to the band’s previously announced festival appearances at Bonnaroo, Governors Ball, Forecastle, and more.

Filmed in conjunction with The Creators Project, the videos catch the band’s impressive stage show, which was aptly described by Pitchfork as “giant, gap-toothed Nickelodeon dentures on either side, a curved inflatable structure that resembled scorpion tails dipped in PAAS dye, a centralized TV running constant, blaring images. Basically, the cover of Centipede Hz gone widescreen.”

Earlier in 2012, Animal Collective released their 10th and latest album Centipede Hz. The band’s first record since 2007’s Strawberry Jam to feature all four original band members, Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Geologist and Deakin, Centipede Hz was hailed by critics as a return to Animal Collective’s experimental roots. The album can be ordered via the Animal Collective webstore here.

Animal Collective – Monkey Been To Burn Town EP
(Domino Records – out now on 12” and digital)

A1 – Monkey Riches (Brian DeGraw [Gang Gang Dance] Remix)
A2 – Monkey Riches (Tha Traxman Teklife Remix)
B1 – New Town Burnout (Shabazz Palaces Remix)
B2 – Monkey Riches (Teengirl Fantasy Remix)

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Alpine’s debut album out TODAY + tour dates


“Floaty vocals and sparkly-sounding pop compositions that are a real breath of fresh air.”—NYLON

“…some of the most engaging female/male dual harmonizing heard in recent epochs.”—LA Weekly

A Is For Alpine, the debut album from lauded Australian band Alpine, is available now on Votiv. The new release, which was recently chosen as iTunes’ Australian Alternative Album of the Year, has received early critical praise from KCRW, with Pitchfork calling it an “unforgettably light and charismatic gem.” The album recently streamed in its entirety on and the latest video for the track “Gasoline” premiered on as a “First Watch”

To celebrate the release, the band will support Spanish rockers Crystal Fighters on a U.S. run beginning in June in addition to an opening slot for Grouplove at Celebrate Brooklyn on June 13. Since forming, Alpine have toured extensively with the likes of Kimbra, Sia, Cloud Control, The Naked And Famous and Matt Corby. Additionally, the band wrapped their first U.S. tour in March including a stop at SXSW 2013 and has appeared at various festivals worldwide including Splendour In The Grass, Southbound and Falls Festival. See reverse for tour routing.

Alpine is Phoebe Baker and Lou James (dual vocals), Christian O’Brien (guitar), Ryan Lamb (bass), Tim Royall (keys) and Phil Tucker (drums). The new album was recorded in Melbourne with producer Dann Hume who helped the band experiment with sounds and textures. Of the record Lamb notes, “We wanted to represent the different sides of our music, so there’s some sad moments, some dancey moments, some rocking out and lots of harmonies.” No strangers to the benefits of shared ideas and the collaborative process, Alpine’s own methods for song writing reflect the strong and respectful working relationship they had with Hume. Baker describes the new album as the band’s “innocent and not so innocent explorations through our twenty-something emotions.”

1. Lovers 1
2. Lovers 2
3. Hands
4. Villages
5. Softsides
6. Seeing Red
7. Gasoline
8. All For One
9. Too Safe
10. In The Wild
11. The Vigour
12. Multiplication

Alpine Tour Dates
*supporting Crystal Fighters
†supporting Grouplove

June 1 San Diego, CA The Casbah*
June 4 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre*
June 5 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall*
June 7 Portland, OR Holocene*
June 8 Vancouver, BC Electric Owl*
June 9 Seattle, WA The Crocodile*
June 11 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge*
June 12 Denver, CO Larimer Lounge*
June 13 Brooklyn, NY Celebrate Brooklyn†
June 14 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall*
June 15 Toronto, ON The Hoxton*
June 17 Montreal, CA SAT*
June 18 Cambridge, MA The Sinclair*
June 19 New York, NY Webster Hall*

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Inlet Sound release new video for Young Hearts and announce summer tour dates

Inlet Sound have released the new video for their single Young Hearts – directed by Christopher Mills (Interpol, Modest Mouse, BSS) from their 2012 release The Romantics.

Director Christopher Mills (Interpol, Modest Mouse, BSS) had this to say about working with Inlet Sound:”YOUNGHEARTS is about an emerging band with an abstract idea and a whole lot of chutzpa. We follow the band, as they pool the few dollars and pennies they have between them, in order to hire a boat to take them to a strange place, thenback home again, only to be faced with the same reality many foraging musicians face – hunger for more. The video came together blazingly fast, shooting handheld out of a convertible on a hand-numbing day, and on the roof of a boat on Toronto Harbour. This was a fun project full of luck and good times.”

Michael Wexler from Inlet Sound said: “From the moment we found out that we’d be shooting a video with Chris Mills, we were all as giddy as a bunch of five year olds in line for the ice-cream truck. We loved his work on videos for Modest Mouse, The Acorn and The Joy Formidable among others for quite some time. The best part of this whole process was how easy-going Chris made the shoot day feel, despite numerous freezing locations and time crunches. We were also super blessed to have our dear friend Brendan Lynch work his organizational magic on the production side of the video. We worked into the wee hours of the night, shooting on green screen and stuffing our faces with delicious sandwiches, only to go home full bellied and excited to see Chris’ animated wizardry unfold. Et voila!”


5/25 – Toronto, ON: Horseshoe Tavern (w Poor Young Things)
6/13-16 – Toronto, ON: NXNE
7/1 – Barrie, ON: Canada Day Show
7/19-21 – Duncan, BC: Islands Folk Festival
7/24 – Vancouver, BC: The Media Club
7/25 – Victoria, BC: Lucky Bar
8/9 – Fernie, BC: Wapiti Festival
8/10 – Calgary, AB: The Palomino
8/16 – Toronto, ON: Horseshoe Tavern (w Maladies of Adam Stokes)