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Violent Soho Premiere ‘Dope Calypso’ video

Violent Soho Premiere 'Dope Calypso' video

Violent Soho Premiere ‘Dope Calypso’ Video On Clash || ‘Hungry Ghost’ LP Out September 6th On I Oh You

‘Dope Calypso’ is the opening track from ‘Hungry Ghost’. The video is directed by Timothy O’Keefe and follows the band around their hometown of Mansfield, Queensland.

The Buddhist concept of the ‘hungry ghost’ neatly sums up the urgency, the want, the search of Violent Soho’s music. Amid the riffs, hooks and wail of front man Luke Boerdam is a stark examination of the way we view the world, and the way consumer culture feeds relentlessly on itself and its urges. A fitting theory for an unapologetic, no-bullshit post-grunge cacophony, as laid bare on the Brisbane, Australia four-piece’s second album, “Hungry Ghost”.

Following 2010’s accomplished self-titled album (released on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label) which delivered riffage-heavy highlights such as ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ and ‘Muscle Junkie’, the band found themselves at an impasse. The band, which have toured the US with Dinosaur Jr, Alice In Chains, Built To Spill and The Bronx, found themselves treading water creatively after years of touring.

But what it took to snap Luke and his bandmates — James Tidswell (guitar/vocals), Luke Henery (bass) and Michael Richards (drums) — out of the funk was a realization that all of their touring and experiences had given them a new perspective on music; hard work and that new thematic inspiration would lead to its own reward. “It was a process of figuring out what we did like,” Luke explains, “rather than concentrating on what we used to do. We’ve changed and grown as people, so the music we were writing needed to reflect that. Whatever excited us, those are the songs that we went with.”

What emerged on “Hungry Ghost” was a character study of the personalities and ideas of consumer society that inform their hometown of Brisbane suburb Mansfield, examining “the concept of the outsider, people who are a little bizarre and how they view the world”. And from the opening bars of ‘Dope Calypso’, chock full of fuzzy, tumbling riffs through to the subtle, almost delicate psychedelic swirl of ‘Okay Cathedral’, “Hungry Ghost” is Violent Soho growing up. “It’s stuff like status anxiety,” explains Luke, “and worrying about living up to other people’s standards, and in the process become so distracted, sitting on the couch watching other people live their lives. That mentality is behind it”.

There are, of course, still the ‘holy shit’ musical moments. The throat-tearing “yeahyeahyeahyeah” of ‘Covered In Chrome’, the grungy rock’n’roll power of ‘Gold Coast’ and ‘Lowbrow’s spitting anger. But the tempered slow burn of the album’s title-track demonstrates the maturation of the band’s melodic nous, continuing the work of the last record’s ‘Outsider’ and ‘Paper Planes‘. Adding to that are the shades of full throttle attack and pensive rumination on ‘Eightfold’ and ‘Saramona Said‘.

The band’s ability to relay a compelling character study and their broadened musical palette quickly dispel any notion of Violent Soho being some sort of slacker stoner band only interested in weed and skateboarding. “Hungry Ghost” is the album Violent Soho needed to make. Intelligent, melodic, and dripping with attitude, it’s also a record you need to hear.

‘Hungry Ghost’ Track Listing:

1. Dope Calypso
2. Lowbrow
3. Covered in Chrome
4. Saramona Said
5. In The Aisle
6. Okay Cathedral
7. Fur eyes
8. Gold Coast
9. Liars
10. Eightfold
11. Hungry Ghost

Press Quotes:
“‘In The Aisle’ takes all the best chromosomes from the Smashing Pumpkins’ talented DNA. That means densely layered guitar spazzes and melodic punk drawling but there’s also enough scuzz on show to resemble five days without showering” — Noisey [UK]

“Violent Soho have always been on the cusp of greatness, and if “In The Aisle” is anything to go by, they might finally be reaching their full potential” — Indie Shuffle

“‘Generation’ is an irresistible blast of buzz-pop, while ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ and ‘Muscle Junkie’ suggest the fury and sensual languor of the Pixies.”– The Guardian [UK]

“Scales the energetic highs that made Mudhoney and Nirvana so exhilarating” — BBC6

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Wildcat! Wildcat! in new documentary with Passion Pit + tour with MS MR

Wildcat! Wildcat! in new documentary





“MGMT-esque spacey psych pop, and ethereal vocal pitter-patter with ease.”—Pitchfork

“A group on the up-and-up that may end up in your iTunes regular rotation before you know it.”—Huffington Post

The self-titled debut EP from acclaimed LA-based band Wildcat! Wildcat! is set for September 10 release on Downtown Records. The band garnered critical praise for their previously released sold-out limited addition 7” on the taste-making label Neon Gold Records, including early support from BBC Radio 1 in the U.K. TIME raves, “I love the staccato electronic rock, I love the frantic opening measures, I love the fleeting falsetto in the background,” while Metro furthers they’re “the best overall new band.” To celebrate the release, the band will embark on a nationwide tour starting in September including select dates with MSMR. See reverse for details.

On August 25, Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat music program will release a new documentary titled “Hello Everywhere.” Directed by Sam Jones, the film follows Wildcat! Wildcat! and Passion Pit throughout SXSW 2013, documenting their experiences at the festival—one as an emerging, developing band and the other as a more established band. See the film’s trailer at and a teaser clip here

The new EP was written and produced by the band in their home studios over the course of the last year and a half. The first single “Mr. Quiche” can be streamed/shared at Of the songs Jesse Carmichael (vocals, drums) notes, “Some came quicker than others but all of them provided us the time to try out different processes of collaboration and understand how and why we make the kind of music that we make together.” See below for full track listing.

Wildcat! Wildcat! is Jesse Taylor (vocals, bass), Michael Wilson (vocals, keys) and Carmichael. The trio played together in various incarnations before officially forming Wildcat! Wildcat! in 2012. The band has toured extensively including SXSW, a sold out west coast headlining run and major U.S. support slots with Alt-J and Portugal. The Man.

1. The Chief
2. Garden Grays
3. Mr. Quiche
4. Please & Thank You

Wildcat! Wildcat! Tour Dates

September 18 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock
September 19 Chicago, IL Schuba’s
September 20 Detroit, MI Magic Stick Lounge
September 21 Toronto, ON Wrong Bar
September 22 Rochester, NY Bug Jar
September 24 Washington, DC DC9
September 25 Philadelphia, PA Boot & Saddle
September 26 Brooklyn, NY Glasslands Gallery
September 28 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
September 29 Boston, MA Great Scott
October 3 Nashville, TN High Watt
October 4 Murfreesboro, TN Earmilk Festival
October 15 San Francisco, CA The Independent*
October 17-18 Los Angeles, CA The Troubadour*
October 19 San Diego, CA Soda Bar*
October 23 Vancouver, BC Venue Nightclub*
October 24 Seattle, WA The Crocodile*

*with MSMR

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Charli XCX’s US headline dates moved to Oct/Nov– to join UK arena tour w/ Paramore

21-year-old Charlotte Aitchison aka Charli XCX reveals she will join Paramore on their upcoming UK arena headline tour in September—which unfortunately means the scheduled North American fall headline tour will be postponed until the end of October/November, 2013.

“I’m very happy to have been asked to support Paramore on their UK tour. I’ve never really done shows in the UK outside of London before so it’s going to be something different and kind of scary for me. Of course I am really, truly so so sorry to everyone who got tickets to my US shows, as now I will have to reschedule those dates and I hate the fact that I will have let lots of people down. It’s weird, I always feel strangely at home when I play shows in America and the fans I have out there are literally the best, most killer fans in the world. I’m upset that you guys are going to be disappointed and annoyed at me, as I really did have big things planned for this tour, so it’s very sad. I’m working really hard to reschedule the dates right now and all I can promise you is that the shows will be even bigger and better than anything I’ve ever done before” –Charli XCX

Following what’s been an incredible year, having released her breakthrough debut album “TRUE ROMANCE” (via IAMSOUND) to rave reviews, including a ‘Best New Music’ mark from Pitchfork; having written her first #1 single ‘I Love It’ for Swedish duo Icona Pop, which has gone on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide; and moreover, Charli is currently writing in the studio with some of the biggest names in pop. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a revised US routing! Replay the single, “You (Ha Ha Ha)” here:

*9/20-9/28 supporting Paramore except
8/23 – Leeds, UK @ Leeds Festival
8/25 – Reading, UK @ Reading Festival
9/20 – Manchester, UK @ Manchester MEN Arena
9/21 – Cardiff, UK @ Cardiff Arena
9/23 – Birmingham, UK @ Birmingham LG Arena
9/24 – Nottingham, UK @ Nottingham Capital FM Arena
9/27 – London, UK @ TBC
9/28 – London, UK @ TBC
10/5 – Vienna, Austria @ Waves Vienna Festival*
10/27 – Las Vegas, NV @ Vegas Festival
11/30 – London, UK @ London Islington Academy

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I The Leviathan – Trespassing EP review

According to Hebrew lore as stated in the Tanakh, a Leviathan is a massive sea creature that has dwelled at the depths of the ocean since the beginning of time. In modern Hebrew, the word roughly translates to “whale,” thereby establishing a clear connection to the story of Job. The Leviathan has a rich history in the Abrahamic religions and more contemporary literature (even serving as the namesake for a work by Thomas Hobbes). Mere mention of its name elicits vivid pictures of a timeless, massive entity spanning the collective unconscious of entire cultures from East to West.

A young California band (read: a very, very young California band), have taken this in stride and used it as their namesake. I the Leviathan, as professed by their debut Trespassing EP, produce a brand of post-hardcore music that has been moving up from the underground into the mainstream quite seamlessly by them and their contemporaries. More At the Drive-In than A Day to Remember, the 5-track EP is defined by a caustic, accusatory tone with on-point and well-syncopated instrumentation.

The youth and complete lack of longevity of the band (a photo on their Facebook page pegs them at no older than twenty) indicates that a healthy dose of teenage angst fuels this record, which is good and healthy. The lyrics tend to point one (or several) fingers at nameless oppressive entities and wrongdoers in intimate relationship. Hell hath no fury like a teenager scorned, as the saying goes. The overall feeling of the Trespassing EP is undoubtedly punk in essence, with a metal influence lingering throughout the guitar riffs and leads. While the EP remains slightly unremarkable even after repeated listens (and some air-drumming by one reviewer in particular on a drive to visit friends), I the Leviathan show promise. It is hard to doubt that the debut release will not garner due press, but something about the release seemed so status quo that it seemed hard not to brush it away into the vast abyss that is “the Internet.”

I the Leviathan’s debut Trespassing EP is fun to listen to. The group seems earnest and well-intentioned, but personal preference (and to be frank, a mild case of punk rock elitism) leaves it sounding a touch too bland. If anything, the Trespassing EP should be interpreted as a step in a promising direction: not flawed, but with plenty of room for improvement. For fans of the genre, I the Leviathan would certainly be a band to keep on the radar.

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Gauntlet Hair – Stills album review

A global population of around 7 billion people means that the genre Noise Pop must have a healthy number of followers, and it would also seem likely that the Noise Pop duo, Gauntlet Hair, has a number of people who are fans of their music (there may even be one or two people who like their name!, crazy I know). So, what is Noise Pop, who are Gauntlet Hair and why should you listen to their latest release, Stills? Noise Pop is actually an easy genre to describe, its not quite noisy pop, it’s actually more pop with noise: Gauntlet Hair are members Craig Nice and Andy Rauworth who enjoy making pop tracks and mixing noise into them; and finally you should also check out their new album because it not only contains some catchy songs with pop, but they all have interesting noise mixed into them! Listening to Stills is not entirely different than walking by a construction site with one earbud in playing some indie pop, while a black sedan passes by with tinted windows blaring out some heavy bass from a house track. Walk by ten different construction sites with ten different tracks loaded on your i-Cell and wait long enough for ten tricked out cars and you’ve successfully recreated the entire album (huge congrats on that by the way).

With track names such as “Spew”, “Bad Apple” and “Waste Your Art” there’s a definite sense of melancholy to the whole production. However, when you really get into the bare bones of the tracks and begin to hear some of the musicality of the album this woe feels like a fabrication. Gauntlet Hair are not a couple of depressed musicians who moved to Colorado simply because they wanted to recreationally ‘use’, no they are actually quite talented and have yet to figure out how to tame their noise down into something excellent. Their debut album was released in 2011 and had some interesting heavier tracks, Stills tunes thing up and creates a catchier more compelling album. Perhaps 2015 will be their third-times-a-charm album, until then enjoy the noise.

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NXNE Day 3: Bear Mountain at Toronto’s Wrongbar

What if I told you that I met Ian Bevis about three years ago at charity fundraiser that he and his friends were hosting as part of a cross-Canada-tandem-bike-adventure that can only really be appreciated once you picture a man of his height on a tandem bike? At the time I wasn’t writing about music, and Bear Mountain had not been fully realized yet. Fast forward to Wrongbar, night three of NXNE and I’m watching him front a band that has literally blown up in the last eight months.

Admittedly, I was in that bar because I was curious about the live performance. Who doesn’t want to see the band whose buzz grew exponentially after playing Sasquatch? I stayed for their set, which didn’t start until 1am, because I wanted to ‘bear’ witness in order fill out the article that I’m writing about them. I expected to feel the swell, feel my chest rise up and my heartbeat quicken. I expected the crowd to know who they were because of their immense internet following, and I expected the industry to be present as they were on a short list of bands to watch on that day’s press release. What I did NOT expect to see was a crowd a thousand people deep jump in unison for forty minutes straight screaming all their lyrics. I did not expect to be able to tell Greg after the set that that was the most energy I had seen drawn out of a crowd all week, especially after seeing Dan Deacon the night before.

Their stage set-up is simple, Ian and Kyle out front; their movements the proverbial butterfly wings that create hurricanes in the audience. Greg tucked away to the side, as easily as you can tuck a seven foot tall man and a drum kit. Finally, Kenji in back mixing the potent beats; creating; projecting; a sorcerer on the computer. Triangles of light and image are propped up behind them like windows into the technicolour dreamscape from which their sound was born.

Bear Mountain is one of those bands that you can close your eyes to and truly feel the waves of sound flow over you; one of those bands you go to see with your friends, and somewhere in the middle of the set you look over and see them and everyone around you jumping in slow motion. The bar blacked out; all you can see is the silhouettes of the boys on stage, green light and blinking triangles; all you can hear is your summer anthems, and all you feel is the dreams you have of chasing live music coming true.
Look out for MVRemix’s upcoming full length article on Bear Mountain.

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NXNE presents Billy Talent, Sloan and Evan Dando

NORTH BY NORTHEAST (NXNE) has confirmed that punk rockers Billy Talent will perform a free show on Saturday, June 15 at Yonge-Dundas Square. Plus NXNE Film announces another Canadian premiere, NXNE @ YYZ returns, and The 7th Annual Put The Boot In soccer match unveils the 2013 roster.

NXNE will take over Yonge-Dundas Square (YDS) for four days of free concerts starting Thursday, June 13 with the legendary Social Distortion, presented by Monster Energy Drink, along with Old Man Markley, The Flatliners and Imperial State Electric. On Friday, June 14, Deezer Canada, the official streaming partner of NXNE, presents The National, in partnership with Collective Concerts, with CTZNSHP.

Saturday, June 15 at YDS – presented by Ford – will feature a performance by hometown heroes Billy Talent headlining a full day of music including Millencolin, Big Black Delta, Moon King, Blinker The Star, We Are Scientists, Steve Hill and The Burning Boyz.

Also confirmed by NXNE Music is Toronto’s Sloan, presented by Porter Airlines, who will play The Great Hall on Friday, June 14; and Evan Dando of The Lemonheads, performing Saturday, June 15 at The Rivoli.

NXNE will present top festival bands at the NXNE @ YYZ concert series – marking the sixth year that NXNE and Toronto Pearson International Airport have worked together to entertain travelers. On Thursday, June 13, Terminal 1’s Arrivals Hall will host Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, of Kids in the Hall fame. And on Friday, June 14, Toronto seven-piece Mamabolo and indie stalwarts Blinker The Star will rock the concourse at Terminal 1.

NXNE Film presents the Canadian premiere of If We Shout Loud Enough, a documentary about Double Dagger, a post-hardcore band from Baltimore, on Friday, June 14 at the Drake Underground, preceding a performance by Peals (featuring Bruce Willen from Double Dagger). This charming, funny film follows these DIY musicians, chronicling their history and final memorable performances – and features interviews with Dan Deacon, members of Wye Oak, Future Islands, Ruiner, Thank You and more.

NXNE and Right to Play will team up again this year for The 7th Annual Put The Boot In charity soccer match. Canadian musicians (the Rockers) line up against a team of media moguls (the Rollers) in the country’s longest running fundraiser for Right To Play. This year’s match – on Sunday, June 16 at Lamport Stadium – will include Rockers and Rollers like Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene), Mike Haliechuk (Fucked Up), Scott Jardine (DirectKickTV), Adam Killick (CBC Radio 1), Adam Van Koeverden (Olympian) and many more. For the full team rosters visit

All NXNE passes, wristbands and tickets are now available online at

19 Years, 1000 Bands, 30 Films, 65 Interactive Sessions, 200 Comedians, 35 Visual Artists, 7 Days.

NXNE acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Music Fund) and of Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters.

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DFA Records Short Film Premieres Today || Red Bull Music Academy

Unique, Frenzied And Entertaining Look Inside The Iconic NYC Record Label That Made The Indie Kids Dance

Featuring Appearances By James Murphy, Jonathan Galkin, Juan Maclean, Members Of LCD Soundsystem And Many More

May 25: Red Bull Music Academy Presents Seven-Hour 12th Anniversary Party At Brooklyn’s Grand Prospect Hall Featuring The Entire Label Family

Today, May 8th Red Bull Music Academy released a 12-minute short film about New York record label, DFA Records. Fans will catch a rare inside look into the history, stories and details that accompany the origination and daily operations of the “iconic and somewhat renown independent music label.” From interviews with founders James Murphy and Jonathan Galkin to candid appearances by members of LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, and Holy Ghost!, to unseen archive footage, the unique story of this NYC institution will be told for the first time.

Founded in 2001 by James Murphy, Jonathan Galkin, and Tim Goldsworthy, DFA Records is home to the likes of Juan Maclean, Sh*t Robot, Planningtorock, YACHT, and many more. The label has grown steadily over the past 12 years, having released 141 12’’ singles, 34 albums, and six compilations – all while keeping its production and operations small and family-like, as Galkin describes in the film, “DFA is a family; ‘dysfunctional’ is a good word to use.”

DFA Records was instrumental in sparking a musical movement now commonly referred to as indie dance. “Throughout the 90s dance music was not something that was accepted in any way in the indie rock world,” says The Juan Maclean. By almost single-handedly changing that, DFA became an era-defining New York City institution.

Galkin comments, “this film perfectly and quickly captures the story of our label DFA, a story that is told many different ways by many different characters – and honestly no one remembers much all too clearly. The filmmakers really capture the close knit creative sprit of what we do and the perculiar ways we do it.”

Alongside the short film, on May 25th, Red Bull Music Academy will take over Brooklyn’s Grand Prospect Hall for an epic seven-hour, multi-room celebration of the label’s 12th anniversary. The night will see performances by James Murphy and over 15 more live acts and DJs spanning the entire history of DFA, including some fist ever US performances.

“Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic: 12 Years of DFA” is a m ss ng p eces production. m ss ng p eces is a Brooklyn-based production company inspired by storytelling, technology and the limitless potential of the web. Narrated by Marc Maron and directed by Max Joseph (of MTV’s Catfish), the originality and creativity of the short film is a true testament to the vision of m ss ng p eces. CEO and Executive Producer Ari Kuschnir says, “DFA’s music was a part of the reason why I moved to New York, so it’s been a dream to tell their story for the first time. It feels like a way to give back for all those sweaty nights I’ve danced to DFA songs, and a great reminder that all successful creative families are lovingly dysfunctional. I hope a new generation will watch this film, get inspired, and get into the music.”

“Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic: 12 Years of DFA” will be released on on May 8th at 10am Eastern Time.

Fans can also listen to songs from the film and other DFA favorites on Spotify. is an essential online destination for those with a passion for sound. With an archive of hundreds of lecture videos – featuring musical luminaries ranging from Erykah Badu to MF Doom, Skream to Morton Subotnick, and everything in between – the site is a perennial one-stop-shop for inspiration on the web. The website also plays home to Red Bull Music Academy Films, written features from today’s top music scribes, and of course daily updates from the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy that is currently happening in New York City through May 31st.

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Mother Falcon Releases New Album You Knew Today

“Diverse and inventive, “You Knew” positively spills over with ideas and enthusiasm — the hallmark of a left-field treasure to discover and cherish.” – NPR Music

A truly rare species of bird, Mother Falcon combine orchestral music and indie rock in a way that few have heard before; dynamic and infectious, the band’s debut album You Knew (out today) expertly layers the instrumentation of all eighteen band members on the band’s genre-defying album.

The group – which boasts three cellos, six violins, horns a plenty, several pianos, a bassoon and a glockenspiel – has developed a cult following in their native Austin, receiving as many accolades for their innovative film scoring as for their electric live rock club performances. They were even cited and as one of Bob Boilen’s “15 Essential Moments From SXSW 2013” and Stephen Thompson dubbed the group his “favorite young band of the festival’s opening night.”

Recently signed to Red Ryder Entertainment, the band is excited to share a booking agency with Andrew Bird, The Magnetic Fields, Sharon Van Etten and more as they continue to grow and start taking their live show on the road. Mother Falcon will be embarking upon a New York City residency at Joe’s Pub in June and another in Los Angeles in August, along with a string of regional tour dates in between including World Café Life on June 22nd in Philadelphia.

In just three years together, Mother Falcon has crafted a signature soundscape with their blending of traditional rock elements and whirling horns with strings that dominate and dance behind emotive vocal turns, balancing the distinctive croon of Tamir Kalifa against ethereal harmonies between Nick Gregg and Claire Puckett.

Download “Blue and Gold”

Upcoming Tour Dates
6/02/13 – New York, NY – Joe’s Pub
6/04/13 – Brooklyn, NY – Littlefield
6/09/13 – New York, NY – Joe’s Pub
6/11/13 – Brooklyn, NY – Littlefield
6/13/13 – Northampton, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall
6/18/13 – Brooklyn, NY – Littlefield
6/19/13 – Washington DC – Kennedy Center
6/22/13 – Philadelphia, PA – World Cafe Live
6/23/13 – New York, NY – Joe’s Pub
6/25/13 – Brooklyn, NY – Littlefield
6/30/13 – New York, NY – Joe’s Pub

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ZZ Ward Announces Summer Tour and Festival Run Two New Tracks Featured on Exclusive Record Store Day 7″ Release

ZZ Ward Announces Summer Tour and Festival Run Two New Tracks Featured on Exclusive Record Store Day 7

Stream ‘Grinnin’ In Your Face’

Stream ‘Everybody Wants to Be Famous’

On the heels of her successful Fire and Shine tour, with sold-out shows in nearly every market, and a buzzworthy return to SXSW, alternative blues-soul singer ZZ Ward has announced her plans for a summer tour and festival run. The tour will kick off in Boise, ID on May 28 and include performances at some of the most anticipated music festivals including Firefly and Sasquatch, where she’ll be performing alongside the likes of The Lumineers, Kendrick Lamar, Vampire Weekend, and more. An eclectic and innovative performer, Ward’s mix of backporch blues and gritty hip-hop beats has been resonating with both fans and critics alike. Said MTV at a recent SXSW performance, “Instead of a pic of @zzward at @MTV @VH1 @CMT #sxsw showcase, here’s the corner I’m crying into because she’s so good.” Tickets for the tour go on-sale April 20th and a full list of dates is below.

Ward is also is set to make her mark on this year’s Record Store Day with an exclusive 7″ vinyl (shown above with a vintage photo of ZZ when she’s 11 years old), featuring two previously unreleased recordings. On the A-side is a live cut from ZZ’s sold-out show at the Troubadour and a cover of Mississippi blues singer and guitarist Son House’s song ‘Grinnin’ in Your Face.’ ZZ says about the song, “I enjoy paying homage to my love of the blues when I cover Son House at my shows.” Listen to the cover and read an interview with ZZ at Interview Magazine. On the B-side is a song that ZZ says, “makes you want to drive around listening to it on a summer night with the top down,” called ‘Everybody Wants To Be Famous,’ which is an unreleased cut from her album sessions and another collaboration with Neff-U. Listen to the song premiere at Idolator. The exclusive vinyl will be a limited release on this year’s Record Store Day, April 20.

Appearances on Good Morning America, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan, Last Call with Carson Daly and VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live,” keep ZZ in the public eye while her songs continue to be prominently featured in such hits as Nashville, The Voice, ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and MTV’s Awkward.

ZZ Ward On Tour

5/18 Forth Worth, TX – Forth Worth Music Festival

5/24 Quincy, WA – Sasquatch Festival [The Gorge]

5/28 Boise, ID – Neurolux

5/29 Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater

5/31 Ozark, AR – Wakarusa Festival [Mulberry Mountain]

6/01 Memphis, TN – Newby’s

6/02 Mobile, AL – Soul Kitchen

6/04 Orlando, FL – The Social

6/05 Tampa, FL – Royal Room at the Ritz Ybor

6/07 Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern

6/08 Charleston, SC – The Pour House

6/09 Norfolk, VA – Harborfest [Town Point Park]

6/11 Harrisburg, PA – Fed Live

6/13 Burlington, VT – Higher Ground

6/14 Atlantic City, NJ – The Social [Revel Resort & Casino]

6/15 Portland, ME – Port City Music Hall

6/17 Northampton, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall

6/19 San Diego, CA – KPRI/Green Flash Series [Birch Aquarium]

6/22 Dover, DE – Firefly Festival [Dover International Speedway]

6/23 Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar

6/25 Grand Rapids, MI – The Pyramid Scheme

6/26 Madison, WI – Majestic Theater

6/29 Kansas City, KS – Kanrocksas [Kansas Speedway]

7/04 Milwaukee, WI – Summerfest [Henry Majer Festival Park]

7/06 Sioux City, IA – Saturday In the Park [Grandview Park]

7/08 Lansing, MI – Common Grounds [Adabo Riverfront Park]

7/20 Oakville, CA – Mondavi Winery

8/10 Burnaby, BC – Burnaby Blues & Roots [Deer Lake]

8/30 Milwaukee, WI – Harley Davidson Anniversary [Henry Majer Festival Park]