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Young Love recording artists Quitzow and Setting Sun to release new albums in June, launch co-headlining summer tour.

Young Love recording artists Quitzow and Setting Sun to release new albums in June, launch co-headlining summer tour.

Both multi-disciplinary acts merging classical, folk, pop and electronic rock evoke post-punk era Rough Trade bands like Young Marble Giants along with current era Merge artists.

Following a successful co-headlining U.S. tour in February, the upstate New York multi-instrumentalist artists Quitzow and Setting Sun are poised for release both bands’ forthcoming albums on Young Love Records on June 10th, 2008. The two groups share more than a label, release date and tour schedule, however. Quitzow, the namesake of songwriter/singer/multi-instrumentalist Erica Quitzow features Setting Sun songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Gary Levitt alternately adding bass, drums and vocals to its live shows. Likewise, the Levitt-led Setting Sun band includes Erica Quitzow on violin and backing vocals.

Along with this kinship, both groups share an open interest in cross-breeding musical forms, merging classical strings (violin and cello especially), folk, chamber pop and hints of early electronic rock. The results are truly refreshing. Setting Sun has been compared to Merge artists The Radar Brothers, Elliott Smith at his darkest and early Nick Drake. Quitzow invites nods like “Solex meets Liz Phair” and “combining the fun of Peaches with the intelligence of Lori Anderson.” Fans can catch the inseparable pair live on tour throughout June and July. Please see complete dates below.

More about Quitzow:

“Juggling mind-blowing moog/rhodes/bass while singing,” playing Tchaikovsky in The Woodstock Chamber Orchestra, and creating Fender Rhodes loops layered with MPC drums, moog bass, cellos, violins and vocals, Erica Quitzow brings a wide diversity to her records and live performances. With a self-titled debut album and an upcoming second release, Erica is involved in various musical projects exploring new influences for her inner child gone wild, neo-post electro-pop sound. The new record, Art College, out in spring 2008 on Young Love Records, is a collection of sing-along pop song collages with orchestral arrangement over hip hop, electro-clash, and downtempo beats decorated with adventurous harmonies. Instrumentation is performed primarily by Erica and includes MPC, Reason and live drums layered with Moogs and Korgs, Rhodes, Casios, classical and electric guitars, bass, cellos, violins, various percussion instruments with her alternately playful and woeful vocal style. The record was self-recorded in her upstate New York home with production and mixing assistance by band and label-mate, Gary Levitt.

Erica’s debut album, Quitzow, was self-recorded in her previous Los Angeles home and was built on the same acoustic/electronic collage elements as Art College. Again, she played most of the instruments, creating a high-drama palate, and always going for the extreme. While the use of strings in songs like “Drink-Up” sometimes conjures images of Rasputina with a similar Sabbath-style heaviness, often comparisons are elusive as in the cartoon-like playfulness of “R. Crumb.” Elsewhere, “Know Me” is complex and layered, evoking a Todd Rundgren soundscape with passionate screaming vocals reminiscent of Patti Smith.

The live performances include music from both records and ranges from solo cello/guitar and vocals to full band renditions. The upcoming national tour will be with a five piece band including cello, live and electronic drums, bass, backing vocals and percussion, with Erica on Moog, Korg, guitar and vocals.

Among the other projects Erica is involved in is playing violin, cello and singing back up for the Setting Sun live show, as well as playing drums and keyboards on the recordings. Gary Levitt, leader of Setting Sun, is her partner in running Young Love Records and plays bass and sings back up for Quitzow. The bands tour together, share various band members, and assist each other in recording. Erica sometimes plays violin for The Woodstock Chamber Orchestra, working to develop the orchestrations on her recordings by studying the compositions of Tchaikovsky and Copeland, among others. She records strings on an array of projects, recently working with Tony Levin, Garth Hudson, and Malcom Burns on Sarah Perotta’s record, The Well.

Past projects include singing and playing bass in the critically acclaimed Heavy Pebble, a New York/San Francisco based experimental band that toured the west coast. More recently she played Moog, Rhodes, and bass with Jennifer Turner (of Natalie Merchant’s band) in Los Angeles indie-pop band, Inner. The first record was recorded in Nellie Hooper’s London studio. (Bjork, Massive Attack) This band toured practically nonstop for its three-year incarnation to rapidly growing audience, a positive press response and national college radio play.

Quitzow will tour the full US in June/July, and plans to tour Europe in the near future.

More about Setting Sun:

“Levitt wails with toned-down tinges of Kurt Cobain’s emptiness and Elliott Smith’s pain.” – West Coast Performer

Lovers of great songs with inventive and honest sounds can take heart. Setting Sun’s third record, Children of The Wild really delivers. This new record has (so far) been best described as “an odd atmosphere, probed by twizzling sounds, and the feeling that this is the soundtrack for the aftermath of a crash landing.” With an intimate lyrical delivery, each word is slowly tasted before being spoken and is set against driving beats, lashing cellos, soothing instrumental interludes and a rich cortege of violins, synthesizers, and homemade sounds. Amidst the layers of edgy counterpoint melody, lifting harmonies and soundscapes, the song is still the focus.

Setting Sun began in 2001 in a San Francisco apartment as some good old fashioned soul-searching by Gary Levitt where he wrote and produced their aptly titled debut CD Holed Up. Having lived and created in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Setting Sun’s sound bears the mark of them all. The grime and grit of New York, the quirky artiness of San Francisco and the lilting sunshine of LA… all are orchestrally present in the music. This third record was self-produced by Gary Levitt with many friends lending their playing skills. Most noticeably on the record are all the strings, expertly played by band and label-mate Erica Quitzow.

Recorded entirely in their 19th century Victorian house, Quitzow and Setting Sun share a home recording studio. Initially set up to record themselves, Gary soon began taking on outside clients. “I love helping other artists work on their music,” says Levitt. “If they come in with just bare-bones sketches of songs and want to expand on them, I’ll come up with ideas that add to the songs but don’t compete with them.”

Gary also plays bass and sings harmonies for Erica’s band Quitzow. A veteran of the indie music scene, Levitt started as a member of feverish NY band The Kung-Fu Grip. After four years of relentless touring, they made their way out to San Francisco where they paired down their members to a tightly focused three piece, all providing vocals for their cathartic, shock art sound. Levitt simultaneously formed Heavy Pebble with Erica Quitzow, becoming a hit in the music scene in San Francisco and touring the west coast, playing their quirky pop songs with post-modernist film collage projections to crowded houses and critical acclaim. After various line-up changes and key members leaving, both groups disbanded.

Upon having these long-term projects fall apart leaving Levitt with no material to perform, he decided his next project would be solely his own. Levitt sequestered himself in a friend’s San Francisco apartment with some borrowed gear and “two cheap microphones” to record what was to become Setting Sun’s debut, the appropriately titled holed up. Marked by a sense of palpable urgency, the album seamlessly fuses Levitt’s chief references—warm acoustic guitar, melodic counterpoint bent Beatles/Bowie pop, loud/quiet Pixies/Nirvana dynamics—into a catchy and inversely intimate lo-fi blend. As holed up was nearly finished, Levitt was invited to play guitar for Virgin recording artist Jennifer Turner. He flew to London and recorded in Producer Nellee Hooper’s (Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins) studio, putting holed up on the shelf. The band that formed was named Inner, and the record, containing two songs written by Gary, received critical acclaim and international airplay. After relocating to Los Angeles and touring to support the record, Levitt left the band to re-focus on his own music.

Back to Setting Sun. Young Love Records released Holed Up to many positive reviews coinciding with the group touring regularly, performing as a three piece. Gary also embarked on two separate month-long solo tours, playing every night, often paired with daytime radio and college shows, and sleeping where he could. He eventually settled home and began writing and recording his sophomore CD Math and Magic. Curious to hear Setting Sun’s potential with outside production assistance, Levitt embarked on the recording of his second album with producer Richard Chiu. With a different approach than the solo explorations of holed up, Math and Magic is more polished, produced, and collaborative than its lo-fi experimental predecessor. The intimacy of holed up is not lost, but perhaps served on a cleaner plate.

Released on Young Love Records in 2005, songs “The Only One” and “Found It By Midnite” can be heard in the short film Paper Jam, which won several awards in the festival circuit including “Best Music.” Setting Sun has been getting increasing attention from the film and television industries. As more people get exposed many find the music to be a natural fit with the moving image…

Quitzow – Art College Tracklisting:

Release Date: June 10th, 2008

01. Sponsor (It Didn’t Mean A Thing) (MP3)
02. On TV!
03. Peanut
04. Art College
05. Better Than Ever
06. Stay Away from John
07. Love
08. Slept In My car
09. Cats R People 2
10. Rhythm Machine
11. Unripened Fruit
12. Jackpot

Quitzow Live:
06/24 Philladelphia, PA Khyber Pass
06/25 Shepardstown, VA War Memorial
06/28 Greenville, NC Spazzatorium
07/02 Memphis, TN Murphy’s
07/07 Albuquerque, NM Atomic Cantina
07/08 Farmington, NM Tutah Theater
07/10 San Francisco, CA Amnesia
07/11 Santa Cruz, CA The Crepe Place
07/12 Arcata, CA Jambalaya
07/16 Boise, ID Neurolux
07/19 Omaha, NE Oleavers
07/20 Chicago, IL TBA
07/21 Landing, MI Mac’s Bar
07/22 Detroit, MI Von’s AKA The Vault
07/23 Pittsburg, PA Garfield Arts

Setting Sun – Children of The Wild Tracklisting:

Release Date: June 10th, 2008

01. What We Wanted
02. No Devil Me No More (MP3)
03. How Long
04. Carry Me Away
05. Overjoyed
06. Slob
07. Love My Love
08. Not Waste
09. Inside My Love
10. Morning Song
11. Happy Joy

Setting Sun Live:
06/24 Philladelphia, PA Khyber Pass
06/28 Greenville, NC Spazzatorium
07/02 Memphis, TN Murphy’s
07/06 Amarillo, TX The 806
07/07 Albuquerque, NM Atomic Cantina
07/12 Arcata, CA Jambalaya
07/16 Boise, ID Neurolux
07/21 Landing, MI Mac’s Bar
07/22 Detroit, MI Von’s AKA The Vault

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In preparation of their self titled debut full length release this July The Black Ghosts Headline May “Tales of Colt 45” and Announce New Music Videos

In preparation of their self titled debut full length release this July The Black Ghosts Headline May “Tales of Colt 45” and Announce New Music Videos

For the second consecutive summer VICE and Colt 45 will unite to present Tales of Colt 45, a touring series of free shows traveling to LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York. From May through August, the tour will return once a month to the same venue, creating a Colt 45 summer residency in each market.

Darkly atmospheric but always aimed at the heart of the dance-floor, The Black Ghosts’ two-man Decks, FX and vocals set-up manoeuvres through Machiavellian grooves with disarming verve, unearthing a thunderous mix of infectious supernatural sounds.

Open by invitation only to partygoers 21+ with ID, the events will star headline acts curated by VICE music, including The Black Ghosts, Matt & Kim, Thunderheist, The Death Set and others. And best of all, the shows are absolutely free.

After unveiling their unstoppable EP “Any Way You Choose to Give It”, The Black Ghosts are preparing to release their highly-anticipated debut full-length “The Black Ghosts”on IAMSOUND July 8, 2008, which features the electro-pop groove and first single, “Repetition” and the ghetto-gothic ‘Anyway You Chose To Give It’. Advance music will be sent out shortly and in the meantime if you cannot wait to hear this ghostly beauty, please email us and we will expedite you a copy. This is definitely one not to miss for all those summer preview issues! We reckon that The Black Ghosts will surely make many year end top critics polls and be your favorite summer long player.

The past year has seen The Black Ghosts’ ethereal Electronic Soul building them a formidable reputation with the quiet confidence that befits the duo’s enigmatic style. With the cold, steely riffs and floor-smashing beats of the much admired Theo Keating AKA Touché, ably augmented by erstwhile Simian vocalist Simon Lord, The Black Ghosts’ have begun to reveal their unique, electro-noir spirit through a brace of limited addition white-labels and their strikingly original DJ sets, that see Simon unfettering his spine-chilling vocals and shadowy tales. Theo & Simon have compiled and mixed ‘The Black Ghosts Mixtape’ out on Southern Fried Records in the UK and recently honored in the UK with the titles of electro mix of the month by MixMag and mix of the month by DJ Mag. With their special touch these bangin’ tracks are brought to life and give a glimpse into the incomparable dance-floor wrecking sets that take place only when The Black Ghosts are up on the decks. *Limited copies are avail, hit us up for yours!

And for the real deal, do yourself a favor and check out The Black Ghosts at one of these fine establishments in your hood!

The Tales of Colt 45 and VICE Present: The Black Ghosts and Thunderheist

May 5 – LA – King King w/ DJ C-Town DJ Skeet Skeet (Eat
May 7 – Atlanta – MJQ w/ Brian Parris and Skooter
May 8 – Chicago – Hideout w/ Willy Joy and Capcom and Lazer Crystals
May 9 – Philadelphia – The Barbary w/ Dave P (Making Time / FIXED)
May 10 – Brooklyn – Glasslands Gallery w/ dj’s Lauren Flax (iheartcomix) and Sweatshop Labor

“The Black Ghosts will get you moving without fail…. The result is dark, daring electro-synth songs with thoughtful lyrics taken from a cynical and strangely empowering perspective.” –, artist of the day

“The Black Ghosts are uncommon pop geniuses with a knack for catchy songs that avoid cliches.” TBG Can rock the funky beats and sing. They have a knack for combining dance-punk indie-pop and electro-breaks, and somehow do it without sounding lame.” -XLR8R

“This 4 song boner that pokes back to the 80’s erotic pop era when West End Girls, some bigger than others, slithered into bathroom stalls like Karma Chameleons only to overdose on Candy and fall crashing down through a Heart of Glass” – Tripwire

“There’s the makings of the next electropop sensation”. – Pop Matters

“their upcoming debut album leaves absolutely nothing to be desired in the indie-dance-worhty-of-your-fanatism department. Their current single “Anyway You Choose To Give It” sounds like Megaman disco dancing with Crystal Castles, and the reigning Best Song of the Summer” -Sup

And never ones to to take the conventional route, The Black Ghosts have teamed up with CULT-GEIST, a global network of filmmakers, photographers, artists, curators, promoters and musicians, to create a video for every track on the album to be premiered each week alternating between Big Stereo and Missing Toof starting May 5th. For a little preview of things to come check out the video for “I Want Nothing” created by Tokyo-based illustrator and animation director Fantastista Utamaro who is part of the manga artist collection Mashcomix.

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HEALTH goes disco? Not exactly, L.A.’s “beautiful noise” group announces release of HEALTH//DISCO remix collection, EU/UK tour dates. debuts featuring the band’s rooftop set.

HEALTH goes disco? Not exactly, L.A.’s “beautiful noise” group announces release of HEALTH//DISCO remix collection, EU/UK tour dates. debuts featuring the band’s rooftop set.

“HEALTH make extremely pleasant noise music.” — Vice Magazine

“It’s a challenging, loud vision of rock yes, but it’s not nearly as tough as it at first seems.” — 8/10, NME

L.A.’s beautiful-noise quartet HEALTH has set a May 13th, 2008 release date for HEALTH//DISCO, the companion to the band’s phenomenally popular self-titled debut on the Lovepump United label. And, while fans in the U.S. can enjoy the latest release, converts across the pond can see the group’s intense live show on its extensive EU/UK tour beginning April 30th (see complete dates below). Furthermore, just like Buggles ushered in the MTV nation with “Video Killed the Radio Star”, HEALTH’s eruptive 5-song NYC rooftop performance kicks off the newly launched web-video station.

In addition to evoking grand hyperboles from every blog under the sun, HEALTH’s album inspired several other musicians to match the band’s creativity. They reimagined, recut and remixed, and the result is the 11-song HEALTH//DISCO. Featuring remixes from Crystal Castles, Acid Girls, CFCF, Pink Skull, Thrust Lab, Narctrax, and more, these tracks take HEALTH’s ethereal chanting, screeching noise, and gauzy atmosphere and forcefully apply them to the dance floor. The CD also contains an enhanced DISCO+ portion with even more remixes from Toxic Avenger, Nastique, Lovely Chords, Captain Ahab and others.

“This is not your typical remix album,” the band states in an open letter to fans. “Every artist on the record was hand selected and contacted by us with the hope of combining our sounds and musical ideas with those of electronic artists we admire, several of them doing remixes for the first time. It is not about market saturation or crossover appeal. It is purely about the music, and we are proud of it. This is an album, and meant to be listened to as one. The goal of this record is not only to present all these songs at once, but also to ensure that they are not forgotten in the constantly updating, content hungry internet music world.”

HEALTH’s much-ballyhooed March 2008 tour with Toronto electro-punk duo Crystal Castles has been an incredible success, spilling over to the band’s current U.S. dates seeing packed houses and tremendous reviews.

The spry noisemakers have set up a separate MySpace page from its regular band site for all of its myriad remix/collaboration projects. Check it out HERE. The impressive word-of-mouth excitement about HEALTH has quickly become an international phenomenon. In late summer 2007, the band ripped a swath across the U.K. — garnering praise from the NME, BBC radio and many more — and healed cynical souls all across the U.S. throughout that fall and into winter 2008. The band’s live shows are sweaty, packed fits of beautiful noise that could perhaps be best compared to Liars, Animal Collective and latter-period Black Dice.

HEALTH’s self-titled debut full length on the ultrahip Lovepump United label hit shelves on September 18th, 2007 while L.A. based Cold Sweat Records (Battles, Phantom Family Halo, This Moment in Black History) issued the vinyl version of the album in early December.

Instead of finding a room where the only thing one can hear is their heartbeat, HEALTH recorded its debut full length in one of the band’s favorite places. The Smell is an all ages music venue in downtown Los Angeles. It is open and brick and dirty and dark, but when you sing a church hymnal or hit a drum as hard as you can the sound is beautiful. They did both of these things on the record. They also went out and found equipment built the same time as The Smell, mostly ribbon microphones designed by the BBC for radio broadcasts in the 1930’s, things George Martin liked to use, and other things they didn’t know about. The record is 11 songs in less than thirty minutes – on it there is new music with old sounds.

HEALTH’s debut was nominated for the illustrious 2008 Plug Awards in the “Avant Album of the Year” category. Also, Pitchfork picked the video clip for “Heaven” off of the band’s self-titled debut for its Top 50 Videos of 2007 feature.

04/18 Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space
04/19 Claremont, CA @ Kohoutek Festival at Pitzer College
04/20 Los ngeles, CA @ The Smell
04/25 Troy, NY @ EMPAC
04/30 Oxford, UK @ Wheatsheaf
05/01 London, UK @ Luminaire
05/02 Vienna, AT @ Donau Festival
05/03 Manchester, UK @ Charlies Nightlcub
05/04 Leeds, UK @ Brudenell
05/05 Cambridge, UK @ The Portland Arms
05/06 Nottingham, UK @ Bodega
05/09 Dublin, IRL @ Whelans
05/10 Glasgow, UK @ Captain’s Rest
05/11 Newcastle, UK @ End Bar
05/12 Brighton, UK @ The Freebutt
05/13 Brussels, BE @ Nuit De Botanique Festival
05/14 Ghent, BE @ Vooruit
05/15 Amsterdam, NL @ Bitterzoet
05/16 Rotterdam, NL @ Worm
05/17 NL Utrecht @ Tivoli
05/18 Hamburg, DE @ Westwerk
05/19 Helsinki, FI @ Kuudes Linja
05/20 Turku, FI @ Dynamo
05/21 Oslo, NO @ Spasibar
05/22 Aarhus, DK @ Musikcafeen
05/23 Berlin, DE @ Westgermany
05/25 Leipzig, DE @ Zoro
05/26 Vienna, AT @ Arena
05/29 Barcelona, ES @ Primavera
06/03 Barcelos, P @ Zoom
06/04 Porto, P @ Maus Hábitos
06/05 Rennes, FR @ Ubu
06/06 Cherbourg, FR @ Terra Trema Festival
06/07 Paris, FR @ Vilette Sonique
06/09 Southhampton, UK @ The Joiners
06/11 Liverpool, UK @ Korova

HEALTH//DISCO Tracklisting:

Release Date: May 13, 2008

01. Triceratops (Acid Girls Rmx A)
02. Lost Time (Pictureplane Rmx)
03. Triceratops (Acid Girls Rmx B)
04. Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH)
05. Heaven (Narctrax Rmx)
06. Problem Is (Thrust Lab Rmx)
07. Triceratops (CFCF Rmx)
08. Lost Time (C.L.A.W.S. Rmx)
09. Tabloid Sores (Nosajthing Rmx)
10. Heaven (Pink Skull Rmx)
11. Perfect Skin (Curses! Rmx)

HEALTH Tracklisting:
Stream The Album HERE
Released: Sept. 18, 2007

01. Heaven
02. Girl Attorney
03. Triceratops (MP3) | Live Video
04. Crimewave (MP3)
05. Courtship
06. Zoothorns
07. Tabloid Sores
08. //M\\
09. Glitter Pills
10. Perfect Skin (MP3)
11. Lost Time





Tickets Available at or Charge By Phone 1-800-594-8499


VANCOUVER, BC – 2008. The Pemberton Festival announced today that Grammy Award-winning Aussie rockers Wolfmother and Canadian singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards have been added to the Pemberton Festival bill.

Billboard describes them as “a young, kick-ass band with a dusty, unpolished garage sound that excels in what everyone else has already done.” Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Andrew Stockdale, bassist/organist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett, Wolfmother released their self-titled debut EP through Modular Recordings in September 2004 for the purposes of booking shows. But so sterling were the results that they began appearing at several high profile music events in Australia and overseas. They eventually made their way to Los Angeles, working alongside producer Dave Sardy (Dandy Warhols, Jet, Oasis) to record their debut album, released in Australia in October 2005. Wolfmother debuted at # 3 on the charts, won the Album Of The Year award from national alternative radio network Triple J and was quickly certified platinum. Rolling Stone magazine listed Wolfmother as one of their “Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2006.” Wolfmother was released internationally in April 2006, receiving positive reviews from the US and UK and was certified Gold in The United States in late November. At the 2007 Grammy Awards, Wolfmother won the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance for their song Woman, which was later released as a single in the UK.

Her unique blend of country, folk and pop sets 29-year-old Ottawa-born singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards apart. Her 2003 debut album Failer won immediate raves and led to her playing on Austin City Limits and opening for Willie Nelson, John Prine, Aimee Mann, My Morning Jacket, John Mayer and Bryan Adams. She was invited to perform at Farm Aid, played the Grand Old Opry, had a song in Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown and toured Australia and Europe. In 2005, Edwards released her second record, Back To Me, which also garnered considerable critical acclaim. 2006 saw Edwards nominated for Juno Awards for Songwriter of the Year and Adult Alternative Album of the Year for Back to Me. Three years after her debut album, Edwards has released her third studio album, Asking for Flowers, in March of this year.

Presented by Live Nation, the world’s largest live music company, and Good Boy Productions, the Pemberton Festival’s inaugural lineup includes big names such as Coldplay, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Nine Inch Nails, Jay-Z, The Tragically Hip, Interpol, Death Cab For Cutie, My Morning Jacket and Flaming Lips, plus up and comers Vampire Weekend, Grand Ole Party and The Airborne Toxic Event. Recent additions to the bill include, N.E.R.D., Matisyahu, Minus the Bear, Inward Eye, along with Wolfmother and Kathleen Edwards. There are two stages and a dance tent with more than 50 bands in all over the three day festival. Tickets for The Pemberton Festival tickets are now on sale, priced at $259.50*. Early bird camping tickets have sold out. A new block of camping tickets are available for $60*/person. A festival ticket will be required to access the campgrounds.

Pemberton, a two-hour drive from Vancouver, has long been a favorite winter vacation destination due to its close proximity to Whistler Resort (where many of the 2010 Winter Olympic events will take place). Complete with a festival village, camping facilities, an RV Park, tickets for the Pemberton Festival are now on sale through

* CDN dollars – plus applicable fees and service charges

Pemberton Accommodation

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Ben’s Brother’s new fan-created Stuttering video on YouTube and free iTunes tracks – After hundreds of fan submissions, the final video for Ben’s Brother’s Stuttering – (Kiss Me Again) is now up on YouTube

Ben’s Brother’s new fan-created “Stuttering” video on YouTube and free iTunes tracks – After hundreds of fan submissions,
the final video for Ben’s Brother’s “Stuttering – (Kiss Me Again)” is now up on YouTube and can be seen here:

The UK’s Metro newspaper recently finished a competition in which fans could act out their inner rock star on camera for a chance to appear in the London-based band’s new video, now you can see who made the cut! Stateside, the song has been getting television exposure since September as the soundtrack to Dentyne Ice’s “Frog Kiss” commercial.

Following the massive response to the advertising campaign, Dentyne and Ben’s Brother decided to further develop their relationship through an online campaign focused on free downloads and a music quiz.

Just for hanging out on the site, Dentyne is offering up the tracks “Stuttering” and another fan favorite, “Let Me Out”, as free downloads via iTunes.

The quiz and free downloads are all part of a unique, multi-platform “widget,” which functions on Facebook, MySpace and other social networking pages, giving fans the opportunity to share it with friends and even grab it for their own homepages.

Fans can grab it here:

Growing up in London, singer Jamie Hartman was known as Ben’s brother – Ben being his cricket-star elder brother. But that all changed with the December 2007 release of Ben’s Brother’s full-length debut, Beta Male Fairytales. Jamie and his band mates — Kiris Houston (keyboards/guitar), Dan McKinna (bass), Dave Hattee (drums) and Tim Vanderkuil (guitar) — have received rave reviews for the album, which includes “Kiss Me Again” plus a dozen other equally irresistible compositions ranging from the old school soul of the anthemic “Rise” to gloriously vulnerable ballads such as “Let Me Out” (which was tapped for the Thanksgiving episode of the hit ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy”). “Hartman…knows his way around a beautiful chord progression and an emotive lyric,” said London’s Sunday Times, going on to describe the band’s songs as “immaculately rough-hewn.”

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THE TOM FUN ORCHESTRA Announces More Tour Dates! ~ Upcoming Run Includes East Coast Canada, Ontario, and Ireland ~

THE TOM FUN ORCHESTRA Announces More Tour Dates! ~ Upcoming Run Includes East Coast Canada, Ontario, and Ireland ~

“You Will Land With A Thud” Album Stream Available Here:

Friday, March 28, 2008 (Toronto, ON) – On the heels of stellar performances at Canadian Music Week 2008 and the 2008 East Coast Music Awards, along with the recent release of their heavily-anticipated debut record “You Will Land With a Thud” (produced by Gordon Gano, Violent Femmes), the 9-member folk rock n’ roll explosion known as The Tom Fun Orchestra now announces a slew of new tour dates!

Included in the upcoming run is a jaunt around the East Coast, a sweep through Ontario and a trip across the pond to Ireland for The Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festival.

Just one month out of the gate since the release of “You Will Land..”, the reviews have been pouring in, unanimously heralding the up-and-coming folk rockers from Cape Breton Island as ‘the next big thing’ to emerge from the burgeoning East Coast music scene. To boot, the band peaked at #7 on the national CBC Radio 3 Top 30 Charts last week!

After two hugely successful nights at CMW 2008 earlier this month – from a packed house and line-up down the street at the Dakota Tavern, to a wildly energetic 4am set at the Horseshoe Tavern – The Tom Fun Orchestra left quite an impression on music critics and fans alike, even garnering a nod from U.K. tastemaker Clash Magazine, who named TFO ‘One of The Top 10 Emerging Bands in Canada’ after catching the band’s Dakota Tavern CMW set.



April 5 – Halifax, NS – The Marquee

April 9 – Antigonish, NS – Pat’s Place

April 10 – Sackville, NB – George’s Roadhouse

April 11 – Charlottetown, PEI – Hunter’s Ale House

April 12 – Saint John, NB – Elwoods


April 22 – Hamilton, ON – The Casbah

April 23 – London, ON – Call The Office

April 24 – Peterborough, ON – Red Dog Tavern

April 25 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace


May 1 –Mullingar, Meath – The Stables

May 2-4 – Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festival


“Definitely one of the most interesting albums to come from the East Coast or anywhere else in Canada” – NOW Magazine

“One of the most anticipated albums of 2008”- CBC Radio 3

“Cape Breton’s Tom Fun Will Be Huge” – Times & Transcript

“While the Dakota Tavern was hardly accommodating…it didn’t stop Nova Scotia’s latest gem from beating, stomping, and wailing into the small at-capacity venue…Their twang-filled blend of folk Celtic country jazz, with front-man Johnny Turbo’s growl-y Tom Waits impression leading the pack, made everyone a believer – Exclaim! Magazine

“…poised to become the East Coast’s newest buzz band” – Daily Gleaner

“Tom Fun put on the best live show on the East Coast” – [here] New Brunswick

“I am amazed that they are not (yet) international sensations.” –

“Tom Fun’s recent album is being heralded as one to hear…immediately” – Toronto Unplugged

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THE FALL OF TROY — back from Australia, heading to Canada, then full U.S. tour and stopping by Bamboozle!





MAR 7 2008 – THE FALL OF TROY are back!

Literally, they’re back in the States after playing the Soundwave Festival in Australia and a few shows surrounding the fest. Drummer Andrew Forsman described the crowds as, “somewhat of a mix between the U.S. and Europe. Once you got them going, they went absolutely crazy.” Of the whole experience, “It was incredible. The kids were nuts and the other bands were super friendly and welcoming.”

In April, THE FALL OF TROY will hit the road in Canada for the first time… and who better to do so with than with Canadian metal-gods, Protest The Hero. The 5-show trek will bring them through Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg.

Immediately following their Canada run, THE FALL OF TROY return to the U.S. for a five week headlining tour which launches April 18th in Denver, CO. The tour includes a stop at the Bamboozle festival on May 4th in E. Rutherford, NJ and the tour’s grand finale will take place near the band’s hometown in Seattle, WA on May 24th. The Dear Hunter, Foxy Shazam, and Tera Melos will be on hand to support.

In 2007, following the May release of their third record, Manipulator (which has sold over 40k records to date), THE FALL OF TROY took to the road with alternative rock mega-band, Deftones in the summer and with Coheed And Cambria in the fall/winter. The band made internet-headlines while on tour with Coheed when original bassist and longtime friend, Tim Ward, decided to leave the band. Not ones to miss a beat, THE FALL OF TROY enlisted the help of friend, Frank Black and finished out the tour with great praise. Black has since become a permanent member of the band while all sustain their friendship with Ward.

The band has also been gaining some extra attention since the release of Guitar Hero III last year. Their song “F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.”, the single from the phenomenal sophomore record, Doppelganger, is featured in the game as an unlockable song. “They came to us and they wanted that song. Obviously it was a no-brainer to us to get on it. I think it’s really cool,” says singer/guitarist, Thomas Erak. When asked if he’s tried the song out himself, Erak says “I actually have tried playing it but I don’t really feel the need to play the game. I already do it in real life!”

Thomas, Andrew, and Frank are currently home and available for phone interviews. They’ll also be available at the shows for interviews or some other kind of unique feature. For more information about the band, a copy of their albums and press kit, or to request tickets for a review or interview, feel free to contact me!

Catch THE FALL OF TROY’s explosive live show while on tour in the following cities:

w/Protest The Hero, Chiodos
Apr 11 Vancouver, BC Croatian Cultural Centre
Apr 13 Calgary, AB MacEwan Hall Ballroom
Apr 14 Edmonton, AB Edmonton Events Centre
Apr 15 Saskatoon, SK The Odeon
Apr 16 Winnipeg, MB Burton Cummings Theater

w/The Dear Hunter, Foxy Shazam, Tera Melos
Apr 19 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
Apr 20 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock
Apr 22 Chicago, IL Reggie’s Live
Apr 23 Detroit, MI Magic Stick
Apr 24 Grand Rapids, MI The Intersection
Apr 25 Covington, KY The Mad Hatter
Apr 26 Cleveland, OH Beachland Tavern
Apr 29 Rochester, NY The Club @ Water Street Music Hall
Apr 30 London, ON The Salt Lounge
May 1 Toronto, ON The Mod Club
May 2 Montreal, ON Club Lambi
May 3 Poughkeepsie, NY The Loft @ The Chance
May 4 Bamboozle E. Rutherford, NJ
May 6 New Haven, CT Toad’s Place
May 7 Baltimore, MD The Ottobar
May 8 Wilmington, NC The Soapbox Laundrolounge
May 9 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
May 10 Orlando, FL The Social
May 11 Miami, FL Studio A
May 13 Metairie, LA The High Ground
May 14 Houston, TX Meridian Red Room
May 15 Dallas, TX The Door
May 16 Corpus Christi, TX House of Rock
May 17 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit
May 19 Tempe, AZ The Clubhouse Music Venue
May 20 Pomona, CA Glasshouse
May 21 Hollywood, CA Knitting Factory
May 22 San Francisco, CA Bottom Of The Hill
May 23 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theater
May 24 El Corazon Seattle, WA

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All bets are on for indie music fans as Universal Republic newcomers Your Vegas makes live trek across the US with The Bravery. Debut album “A Town and Two Cities” in stores April 22nd


New Universal Republic band Your Vegas, whose sweeping pop EP is garnering raves and turning heads of iTunes fans (it opened up on the iTunes rock chart at a stunning #27), are making their way through several towns and cities on their much anticipated US tour, which kicked off on January 25 in Seattle Washington. The much buzzed about run is ’08’s kickoff alt-romp, with Your Vegas joining New York’s new-wavey quintet the Bravery and British powerpoppers Switches on the multiple city trek before venturing off for a handful of solo shows in March.

Hailing from Leeds, UK, the resilient band hit their epic stride by selling everything and squatting smack down in Hells Kitchen, NYC, signing with Universal Republic last year, and drawing comparisons to breakthrough bands such as Coldplay, The Killers, and others. “Their sound is so polished, carefully constructed and grand…you could be mistaken for thinking it was U2 up on the stage”, crowed one review. Pop culture tastemakers have also taken notice, with Your Vegas putting in a rousing TV performance from the Sundance Film Festival and picking up a key endorsement from Playboy magazine as one of the Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2008. Upcoming touts by indie-chroniclers Alternative Press, Music Connection, and are also in the works.

Propelled by calling card signature songs on the 3-track EP like the soaring “It Makes My Heart Break,” and the plaintive pulse of “Troubled Times,” Your Vegas has already carved out that rarest of profiles: Anthem-driven rockers re-setting the indie music clock. Their debut CD, A Town And Two Cities is in stores April 22nd.


Feb 21, 2008 Terminal 5 (w/ The Bravery) – New York, NY
Feb 22, 2008 The Fillmore at TLA (w/ The Bravery) – Philadelphia, PA
Feb 23, 2008 The Station (w/ The Bravery) – Portland, MA
March 8, 2008 Cabo Wabo Cantina – Cabo San Lucas Baja, CA Sur
March 9, 2008 Mar Nikki Beach (acoustic show) – Cabo San Lucas Baja, CA Sur

“In My Head” Mp3


Dragon in Stiilletos – Dragonette live

Dragon in Stiilletos

Dragon in Stiilletos - Dragonette liveBy Gena Perala/Photo by Avi Leigh Bader

She: Singer Songwriter, He: Bassist/Producer for ‘The New Deal’. They, met at a music festival – slept together at some point, started making music together at some point, he broke up with his, then girlfriend at some point, and they got married… at some point.

Joined forces with drummer Joel Stouffer and guitar player Simon Craig to form electro pop band “Dragonette”.

Recently on tour, promoting their first album “Galore”, I caught Dragonette at the Plaza. After checking them out online (their photos are amazing by the way) and listening to a couple of their tracks, I was hopeful that they would be better live. I don’t, not like them, but they’re not great. Lead Singer, Martina Sorbara started as a ‘Singer Songwriter gal’ and it’s easy to hear why. I love the timber of her voice. It’s so smooth and strong, really enjoyable. Her voice reminds me of Emily Haines from ‘Metric’ (as does their music) and Nina Personn’s from ‘The Cardigans’ – not bad company. Unfortunately however, I’d rather listen to The Cardigans and Metric than I would to Dragonette. Their electro pop provides nothing new, aside from maybe the great thought they put into their visual presentation, which in the end doesn’t carry the day. Dragonette is a decent band, with a decent sound – they definitely give ‘er, live, and they are all very nice to look at, but simply don’t quite cut it. They are just ok. I wouldn’t write them off completely after one album though, I have a feeling this band has the ability to evolve (Dan Kurtz did produce ‘Monarch’ one of Feist’s early albums) and if they hope to keep playing together, they better do so. After low sales Dragonette was dropped from Mercury Records in 2007 but still retains a deal with Universal. Their next album will give us an idea which direction this band might be headed…the curb? Or back on tour?

Ultimately, I’d rather listen to Metric.

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The Shondes dramatic debut receives early praise from Spin, CMJ, Amplifier and more, Brooklyn based politically charged quartet compared to Sleater-Kinney, Patti Smith and Rasputina.

The Shondes dramatic debut receives early praise from Spin, CMJ, Amplifier and more, Brooklyn based politically charged quartet compared to Sleater-Kinney, Patti Smith and Rasputina.

“…radical politics, inspired riffs, textured harmonies and pure sex appeal” – Curve Magazine

“Seamlessly fusing art and politics” – Punk Planet

“Hard-driving, politically savvy rock ‘n roll” – Flavorpill

“A powerful new sound” – Heeb Magazine

The Shondes, a Brooklyn, NY quartet taking its name from the Yiddish word for “shame” or “disgrace” has already earned considerable praise (contrary to the group’s self-deprecating moniker) for its recently released debut album, The Red Sea. The disc, produced by Pere Ubu bassist and producer Tony Maimone (They Might Be Giants, Book Of Knots) was released in mid-January and met with a wellspring of enthusiastic press. recently featured The Shondes as its “Artist of The Day”. The band’s NYC album release party was glowingly reviewed by CMJ. New York Press featured The Shondes in an in-depth article . Likewise, reputable outlets like Alternative Press and Amplifier have taken interest in the band.

The Shondes’ dramatic rock has been compared to Sleater-Kinney, Patti Smith and Rasputina, due to the group’s clever merging of classical music, traditional Jewish folk and punk rock into a compelling whole. The Shondes — Temim Fruchter (drums/vocals), Louisa Solomon (bass/vocals), Ian Brannigan (guitar) and Elijah Oberman (violin/vocals) — quickly gained popularity in its native city thanks to its complex melodic song structures combined with rich, intertwined vocals. Despite the apparent fixation on an erroneous quantifier relating to the band members’ identities (falsely describing them as “3/4 trans,” perhaps because it makes a catchy press hook, when paired with the factually correct “3/4 Jewish”), The Shondes have been receiving acclaim for their seamless fusion of fierce political conviction and serious musicianship. “We’re proud to continue the tradition of political, queer and feminist punk,” says drummer Temim Fruchter.

The Shondes’ songwriting fuses the various musical traditions of feminist punk, classical, Jewish and queercore, while the band’s vocal melodies move effortlessly from anthemic to haunting — textured by the distinct qualities of each of their voices. The result is a unique sound that is both heartbreaking and hopeful. The high energy of its live shows bring audiences along for the ride, with audience members often singing along and swaying to the punchy rhythms and soaring melodies.

From its formation, The Shondes has maintained a rigorous tour schedule including two national tours, a midwest mini-tour, regular east coast dates, and festivals such as North by Northeast and Homo A Go Go. The group has shared the stage with indie luminaries Electrelane, Erase Errata, Amy Ray, Mecca Normal, Joe Lally of Fugazi and Lesbians on Ecstasy, among others. The band also organizes events, often in partnership with local activist organizations, such as the Jews Against the Occupation Chanukah Ball and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project’s Valentine’s Day Party.

The Red Sea Album Tracklisting:

Stream The Album HERE

01. Don’t Look Down (MP3)
02. Your Monster
03. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (MP3)
04. Winter
05. Let’s Go (MP3)
06. I Watched the Temple Fall
07. At the Water
08. What Love Is
09. The Mother and the Colony
10. Don’t Whisper
11. The Start of Everything