The Myth Of The Individual DVD

It's not that Scott (Mike Griffin) doesn't care about the women in his life: he just cares about himself so much more.

"The Myth Of The Individual" chronicles Scott's adventures in deception, with trickery and headgames taken to such extremes that not even he knows what's real any more. But once a woman who loves him discovers what he's been up to, Scott's life is turned upside down: how can a liar escape a lie?

Hugo Lunny's first film is an intense mixture of comedy and pathos, of the sublime and of the ridiculous, that has earned comparisons to Dostoyevsky's "Notes From The Underground" and Robert Greene's "Art of Seduction."

An emphatically modern battle of the sexes, "The Myth Of The Individual" offers an essential portrait of contemporary relationships.

"The Myth Of The Individual"

Written and directed by Hugo Lunny

D.O.P. Brandi Rose

Edited by Patrick Britton


Mike Griffin, Wendy Podgursky, Edward Vint, Jamie Crawford, Hilary Schweitzer, Melissa Robertson and Randall Edwards




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