Is Cousin Carlton Fergalicious?

Is Cousin Carlton Fergalicious?

I was watching Fergie’s “Glamorous Life” video the other day and I swore I saw Carlton dancing at the house party.

Whoa. Ok, I’ll slow down because I realize your first reaction must be “what were you doing watching a Fergie video anyway”? Well if you must know… my girlfriend had the remote and wanted to watch it. No excuses like the batteries in my remote died and I was too lazy to get up; it was her turn to pick so I had to do my time (life is about compromise fellas and sometimes we have to share the remote). Anyway, I thought I saw Alfonso Ribeiro aka Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Of course she disagreed with me so I started asking my friends and googling it but got no further. The answers were split 50-50 and no one, I mean no one was unsure about their answer. Either they remembered the same Carlton shuffle I remembered, or they were 100% certain that it was not him and started explaining the differences in eye brows and jaw lines. Pretty weak arguments (can’t eyebrows change in ten years?) but I excepted them…..until now that is.

I am now proclaiming that Carlton Banks (screw his government) is in Fergie’s “Glamorous Life” video.

If you don’t believe me check this out…

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Yeah, blame watching a Fergie video on the girlfriend. I’m going to have to rescind my previous claim that is not Carlton. Upon further inspection, I do think that is Carlton.

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