Mark Ronson – Version tracklist/info

Mark Ronson
In stores July 10th (new release date)
Allido/RCA Records

VERSION tracklist:

1) God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” (featuring The Daptone Horns)
original by Coldplay

2) Oh My God (featuring Lily Allen)
original by The Kaiser Chiefs

3) Stop Me (featuring Daniel Merriweather)
original by The Smiths

4) Toxic (featuring Tiggers)
original by Britney Spears

5) Valerie (featuring Amy Winehouse)
original by The Zutons

6) Apply Some Pressure (featuring Paul Smith)
original by Maximo Park

7) Inversion

8) Pretty Green (featuring Santo Gold)
original by The Jam

9) Just (featuring Phantom Planet)
original by Radiohead

10) Amy (featuring Kenna)
original by Ryan Adams

11) The Only One I Know (featuring Robbie Williams)
original by The Charlatans

12) Diversion

13) L.S.F. (featuring Kasabian)
original by Kasabian

14) Outversion

Mark Ronson
July 10th, 2007 (new release date)

“Mark Ronson is the man of the moment. Version is a blast, the sound of someone enjoying their success and throwing a party for all corners” – Q Magazine

It’s hard to imagine how Producer, DJ, Artist, and Allido label boss Mark Ronson found the time to bring this album to fruition. Somehow, in the midst of producing some of the most defining sounds of 2006 and 2007 (Lily Allen’s debut? Check. Sessions with Christina Aguilera? Check. Amy Winehouse’s stunning album with its hit song “Rehab”? Check.), Ronson was able to conceive, curate, create, record and compile Version – an album nothing short of perfect. Taking its impetus from a Radiohead cover (“Just”) he redefined in 2005 with Phantom Planet’s Alex Greenwald, a Stax-spirited version was picked up by club and radio Djs in the US and Britain almost by accident. Ronson was clearly bitten by the covers bug. Inspired by the masterwork albums of the 60’s by Quincy Jones and Herb Alpert embodying their musical favorites of their times as they heard them, Mark took to the studio with an army of friends and guest stars (although, he says, “the real guest stars are the songs themselves”) to re-explore some of his favorite modern classics.

Using his same Midas touch that turned Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen into pop gold, Ronson set about recording his album of covers which not only showcases his love of hip hop beats and British alternative rock, but also the soul, funk, psychedelia, pop and disco that his record collection spans. The result re-writes the rulebook on cover versions. The Smiths’ “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” is reworked as a lush, soulful orchestral R&B track; Ryan Adam’s heartbreaking acoustic love song “Amy” is beautifully reinvented as Sgt. Pepper-era psychedelia; Coldplay’s “God Put A Smile On Your Face” manifests itself as New Orleans’ funk courtesy of The Dapking Horns, while Britney Spears’ “Toxic” is completely transformed by the soulful crooning of Tiggas. “Pretty Green” is a glorious reworking of The Jam’s classic tune, with vocals by up-and-coming dancehall singer Santo Gold, and it’s already on heavy rotation across the club circuit.

His two most recent family members and success stories also make crucial appearances, guesting on Kaiser Chief’s “Oh My God” (Lily Allen) and The Zutons “Valerie” (Amy Winehouse), both songs so ubiquitous in the UK that it took fairly large cojones to revisit them so soon after their own chart success. The fact that it works says much for Ronson’s artistic vision. Version is quite easily the most fun you’re likely to have this summer. What will he think of next?

Mark Ronson – “Stop Me” Feat. Daniel Merriweather
(Original by The Smiths)
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Mark Ronson – “Stop Me” Feat. Daniel Merriweather
(Original by The Smiths)

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