Supa Nova Slom – Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood press release

Releases Debut
“Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood”
And Its First Single
“G’s Up Salute”

“Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood”
Event and Performance
Sunday, May 20th, @ 7pm at THE CENTER, Brooklyn featuring performances by
SUPA NOVA SLOM & a Special Guest Appearance by the legendary
AFRIKA BAMBAATAA plus other Special Guests

NEW YORK, May 16, 2007 — RA RA NTRtainment is pleased to introduce Supa Nova Slom.

Supa Nova is a hip hop artist with a movement: Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood –the title of his forthcoming debut release. The first single off the album is “G’s Up Salute” featuring The Game and Jadakiss.


Coming fresh out of Brooklyn, Supa Nova’s album has already started to gain traction, as has his call for social healing: after spending his teenage years running with gangs, Supa Nova had a wake-up call.

Before long, he found a better way of life and started taking it to the streets. His DVD/CD combo release, Holistic Wellness for A Hip Hop Generation has sold over 100,000 copies and continues to fly off the shelves. has noted it as “a documentary that is going to teach self-improvement to the hip hop generation.”

Supa Nova has already proven that he has the mind of a CEO and the heart of a healer. With his debut album, he’s bringing his skills as an MC front and center. Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood showcases a cast of hip hop’s elite–on top of Jadakiss and The Game, Supa Nova is joining forces with Ice-T, Dead Prez, Erykah Badu, and others.

His movement is rapidly gaining momentum. Beyond the DVD and the upcoming album release, Supa Nova founded Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood, The Event—catering to the community—uplifting the streets. At 7pm, on Sunday, May 20th , Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood will be hosted in Brooklyn.

This event serves to entertain and educate—including a screening of the ground breaking film, Hooked: The Legend of Demetrius Mitchell, featuring special guest speakers: AFRIKA BAMBAATAA ,Rob Stone, President/CEO of Cornerstone Marketing; Michael Skolnik, film director; Ben Chavis, President of Hip Hop Summit Action Network; and OG T. Rodgers, Founder of Black P-Stone Nation B.L.O.O.D.S (LA Chapter)/Director of Sidewalk University and a live performance by SUPA NOVA SLOM.

With a debate raging over hip hop slang, Supa Nova ‘s efforts have a great urgency: “We are in a time when rappers and hip hop artists are being targeted for their lyrical content, but the core issue lies within our communities. There is always a cause and effect; so, if we want to encourage rappers to change their lyrical content, we must, first, as a collective, be accountable for our influence and encourage social change on the home front–within our hoods and our communities. We must elevate the consciousness of the people, overall, further inspiring constructive change in the future direction of hip hop.” — SUPANOVASLOM

“You know what time it is, ” Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood” is how it’s going down…Real talk…I Love It.” – JADAKISS

“I’m ridin’ or dyin’ with my homie, Supa Nova…”Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood “– that’s what you should be doing!” – ICE-T

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