*Chicago Hip-Hop’ Duo To Release Album in 2007 *

New York, NY – TVT Records announces the signing of Raw Dope Records’ psychedelic Rap duo, Dude ‘N Nem. “I’ve kept my eye on the rise of Chicago’s juke DJs and its local music scene. Dude ‘N Nem have the energy and talent to bring their unique and infectious sound to the world’s attention,” says TVT Records President, Steve Gottlieb.

Dude ‘N Nem’s first single, “Watch My Feet”, is a feel-good, high-energy, juke song about a Chicago style dance called Footworkin’. The single “Watch My Feet”, was produced by X-cel. The Dude ‘N Nem is comprised of Tragic (23) and Upmost (24) both born and raised on the west side of Chicago. The group’s name (Dude ‘N Nem) comes from Chicago-street slang often used to represent an up-and-coming, but unknown group. (“You know ‘Dude and Nem”) This down-to earth duo makes feels-good music and have a single minded conviction to succeed. The high-energy duo were discovered by Shorty Capone, who will also serve as executive producer for their yet-to-be-named debut album.

“It feels good to finally have a home at TVT Records”, says Tragic.

“We are excited to see our hard work pay off and now we are ready to work harder to get our music out to the world,” declares Upmost.

View “Watch My Feet” promotional teaser, by clicking on the link below: http://www.myspace .com/RawDopeRecords

About TVT Records
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Up-and-coming artists making noise include Cuban-American hip-hop star Pitbull, R’NB songstresses Teedra Moses and KeKe Wyatt, Southern-fried emcee Yo Gotti, party rap group Da Muzicianz, English rabble rousers Tower of London and alt rock faves Ambulance LTD among others.

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