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Ciara has very Valuable Goodies

Ciaraby Hugo Lunny

Listening to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” seemed to influence us all at one point in some way. But amongst all the material that floats around, it truly grabbed a young girl from Atlanta, serving as one of the reasons she became inspired to create her own music.

Few of us can remember having a bank account at eighteen that rivals that of most adult professionals. In fact, at eighteen, I don’t believe I have that much exceptional experience to shower people with stories of. Definitely little in comparison to that of “Crunk & B” superstar Ciara, who states that she is in reality, a “simple” girl. A simple girl who has achieved platinum sales before being able to have a drink legally.

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I think Ciara is a good singer and dancer and she is doing very good for herself keep up the good work Ce-Ce

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