G-Unit – God’s Plan review

written by Low Key

Is there an emcee hotter in the streets right now than 50 Cent? While 50 has been one of the most underrated emcees in the industry for years, it wasn’t until the smash hit “Wanksta” that the mainstream and commercial audience jumped on the bandwagon of 50 Cent and his crew G-Unit. Now it seems as if 50 is everybody’s favorite emcee and his debut album entitled “Get Rich Or Die Trying” due out in February will be a huge success. In the mean time 50 and his G-Unit soldiers continue to put out what seems like a new mixtape every couple of weeks as the streets continue to eat them up. “God’s Plan” continues the 50 Cent mixtape formula of jacking the industries finest production and remaking them with his G-Unit crew consisting of Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

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