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Outkastwritten by Michael Starghill Jr.

Yep. Big Boi was right. Everyone is wondering, “are you and Andre still making songs”? Well it appears not, but they do still make albums together. Idlewild is the 6th installment of the OutKast catalog and the second that allowed the artists to do their own thing. Only two songs on the whole album feature both artists, but no complaints on the polarization of OutKast. Although I would like to hear them together welding their two different sounds on a track, this album didn’t disappoint.

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  1. I talk alot about my top “5” artist. And I keep it real. This is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Let alone sound tracks. Originality is no problem when it comes to these brotha’s, no one can question that. But the work Big Boy, and Andre’ 3000 put into this project, they have set themselves apart. The only group that can OVERALL compair to them is THE ” WU-TANG” CLAN. Over all talent is what I’m talking about hear Y’all!!! Putting REAL music out that can not be duplicated. That is a true sign of perfection, and that is what these Brotha’s do. Keep giving to the history of what is great. HIP-HOP!!!

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