Cam’ron Interview

Dipset Diplomatsby Nicole Mosley

We all know the story on Cam’ron. Kid from Harlem, used to play ball, and ran with a crew of MC’s knows as Children of the Corn. That crew consisted of him, Murda Mase, and Big L. As the years went by, things would change with that crews. Mase hooked up with Puffy, sold millions, then retired after letting Christ into his life. No more rhymes from him. Big L would drop an impressive debut, a number of undeground treats, and later would have his life taken, joining him with Christ. No more rhymes from him.

Cam’ron got put down with a label owned partly by the Notorious B.I.G. He releases an album that is warmly received by the masses and produces a mainstream hit with “Horse & Carriage.” The label would later go under. No more rhymes from Cam?? Wrong. He’s still out there, even though the powers that be are fucking with him. Read on and see why.

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