DUKEDAGOD and Diplomat Records – Who Else But Us? review

Dipset Diplomatsby Chase Doe

Killa Cam and his Diplomat outfit are grinders, constantly flooding the streets with new music through their mixtapes. So far, Cam and crew are going hard this year with Juelz Santana burning up the airwaves with his album “What the Games Been Missing”, and Cam’ Ron’s anticipated album “Killa Season” due before the summer. Bringing more music, The Dipset releases their new mixtape, “Who Else But Us?” as a prequel to the new album, “Cam’ Ron presents Dukedagod The Movement Moves On.”

“Who Else But Us” features the entire Diplomat, plus introduces A-Mafia and Tom Gist. The strongest cuts on the mixtape are Cam’ Ron’s “Suck It Or Not,” featuring an outstanding verse from Lil Wayne “I get head in the strangest places, two at the same time call it changing faces,” and “War” by Cam featuring Hell Rell, which features a hot chorus featuring a child saying “Dipset.” The other standout songs are J.R. Writer’s “Grill Em’ Remix,” which now features a welcome guest appearance by Cam and Hell Rell.

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