Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP review

Eminemby Justin Britten

In a day and age where the most talented emcees continue to drop disappointing albums, it’s hard to put faith in any hip-hop artist. This year alone, we’ve heard questionable albums from people that had the potential to drop classic material. Far too often, an artist is faced with two choices. He can try something new, and risk failure by disappointing his original fans. Or he can stay stagnant, “giving the people what they want,” and risk failure by getting played out. Eminem walks that line, by touching on new topics while still adding the wild antics that got him where he is. It’s comforting to hear an artist that hasn’t given in to industry standards, and despite added success, still keeps his core audience in mind when recording. Young Marshall has a habit of causing controversy, and attracting an audience that normally doesn’t listen to a hip-hop, but he’s still one of the most consistent artists in today’s rap industry.

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