If I Were President of Def Jam…Revisited

A few months ago I wrote a piece suggesting that Jay-Z could improve the way he Def Jam and since then a couple of other things have caught my attention.

The first is the sequencing on Fabolous’ song “Brooklyn” featuring Jay-Z and Unlce Murder. It may not have been Jay’s decision but for some reason he raps second and Uncle Murder is last. Normally this would be no big deal but if the label is trying to promote their latest signing, putting him last on a sang with Jay-Z and Fabulous is a poor way of doing it. When the DJs do their mixes on the radio they often cut off the end of the song, and in this case it means that fewer people will hear Uncle Murder. What incentive does a DJ have to play an unknown rapper following Fabolous and Jay-Z? If I were President I would have had Unlce Murder rap second so people listen to the whole song and not the more established artists.

The second thing I’ve noticed is LL Cool J’s verse on the “Queens” featuring 50 Cent, Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep and Tony Yayo. The lines speak for themselves, “I wish Rick and Russell was back I miss the old Def Jam / Cause the new monkeys act like they don’t know who I am / The promotion and marketing wasn’t worth a damn / Now they on my balls again because 50’s my man”. Can that even be considered a subliminal. Fuck a Jay-Z – Lil’ Wayne beef, I want to see some dis tracks with LL Cool J.

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