T.I., Busta Watch What You Say, Oprah or Bill O’Reilly Could Be Listening

Chris Rock had it right when he said he loves rap music but its hard to defend it. On the new T.I. album, Busta comes through on the song “Hurt”. When I first saw the title I though maybe T.I. and Busta were going to do a song about their bodyguards/friends who were shot and murdered in the past 18 months. Instead the song was about how willing each rapper was to shoot somebody down for messing with them and how skilled the rappers were with their AKs and other assorted rifles. Hopefully Bill O’Reilly and Oprah will not got a hold of this because they can make someone’s life pretty miserable. Just ask Ludacris. Here are some exceprts from their verses….

"Alota pussy niggas talk like broads love runnin' they mouth
But then turn and run in they house
Put the gun in they mouth, tell a nigga talk shit now
You think you know the gun go POW"
"You betta check ya girl or you be so sick
If the choppa leave you with no dick
Or a plastic bag holdin' yo' shit
Leave 6 in you, a couple more in ya bitch"
Busta Rhymes
"Right now I'ma give you somethin' that a make a nigga beg please
When a bullet in his mind  I could feel a little breeze
Drop to ya knees, see the big barrel of the chrome
fifth triple grip handle in the squeeze"
"Bust so many shots gun powder probably blind y'all niggaz now (Ok, ok let's go)
See you don't know really wanna feel that Mossberg blow (naw)"

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