Aesop Rock Interviews

Aesop Rock Interview

Aesop Rock Interview

conducted by Saadiq

MVRemix: Why is Hip Hop production is general so lame now? Why have people stopped putting in the effort to actually put some arrangement into their songs? These days everything on the independent scene sounds the same with tracks being reduced to a repetitive loop that stays the same for 5 minutes as opposed to something that is vaguely enjoyable to listen to.

Aesop Rock: Yeah a lot of shit is boring now. We try to make shit change a lot. Even if there is a main loop a beat has to have breaks, different instruments, etc. Its got to build and relax in order to make a complete song. I like loops, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it works. I think the main problem today is too many cats try to compose shit with keyboards and such without knowing how to play instruments. They end up with some boring ass composition. Kids should stick to sampling more.

MVRemix: These days it seems that everyone who makes Hip Hop seems to be just into Hip Hop and nothing else. Are you inspired by other types of art like literature, cinema or other forms of music?

Aesop Rock: I went to school for painting. I like artwork. I love movies too. It all seeps in somehow whether I want it to or not. I don’t read that much, but I guess I should. I have reached a point where I don’t have enough time to explore new music as much as I want to, but I can appreciate any type of music if it’s dope. Except country music. That shit is never dope.

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