P-Thugg interview @ The Official Chromeo Make Up Party

P-Thuggwritten by Aaron A*maze Joseph

MVRemix: What Happened tonight?

P-Thugg: Just visa problems, and all that shit….

MVRemix: The name “Chromeo” what is the origin of the name?

P-Thugg: It’s like a mix of Chrome and Romeo, like metallic lover boy, type futuristic…

MVRemix: How long have you and Dave 1 been making music together?

P-Thugg: We’ve been doing this since we were in high school, around the age of 15. We were in a band together, you know the usual high school thing, and we kept on until around the age of 18. Then we started producing hip hop and became hip hop producers for like 10 years. From that, Tiga, who had a techno label wanted to try something new and approached us, and seeing as we were musicians it all worked out.

MVRemix: So how is the Chromeo tour going?

P-Thugg: We were in Montreal, we had a dope show there. All the shows were pretty dope. It’s always good because it’s our hometown and all the shows are sold out. New York was crazy as well, both shows sold out, Brooklyn was the second night and was really good.

MVRemix: How would you explain the music of Chromeo to someone who has never heard it before?

P-Thugg: A little bit of Hall & Oates and Prince… but thugged out. It’s tough, but like Jodeci. We sing well and got good melody.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on how music is being made today, with Electrofunk, B-More, Mash-ups & House music taking over?

P-Thugg: I like all that shit. Baltimore is dope shit, it’s what I started to listen to when I started to get into hip hop back in 1990; Bel Biv Devoe, Kid n’ Play, EPMD, Rob Bass, Jazzy Jeff. All that new wave stuff, it’s all great stuff, it’s just NOT what we do, but we ARE fans.

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