DJ Muggs VS Sick Jacken The Legend of The Mask & The Assassin

DJ Muggs VS Sick Jacken “The Legend of The Mask & The Assassin” will be released on Tuesday, September 11th through Rebel Music Group/Universal Music Latino!

The singles “The Mask & The Assassin” and “El Barrio” available online at digital stores now!

The album, DJ Muggs VS Sick Jacken The Legend of The Mask & The Assassin will arrive in stores everywhere on Tuesday, September 11, 2007. Even though underground hip-hop’s most anticipated collaboration is more than a month away, fans everywhere can get their first taste of the album immediately. Beginning July 31, the album’s first two singles, “The Mask & The Assasin” and “El Barrio” are available online at iTunes and all digital stores.

For months the buzz has been growing exponentially for the release of the collaboration album between the founder and musical mastermind of Cypress Hill and the voice of underground hip-hop’s most menacing group Psycho Realm. DJ Muggs and Sick Jacken have already begun to wage an urban assault in the West Coast with three secret shows in Los Angeles over the last week previewing the new album. Now the rest of the world gets to officially hear the singles that are already impacting urban radio and online portals with the e-single releases online.

These two singles include “The Mask & The Assassin” a vivid tale that lyrically parallels the history that led to the inevitable collaboration between two of hip-hop’s most dominant forces and “El Barrio” the Spanish-language single that is sure to become an anthem for Latino neighborhoods throughout the world. Both songs also feature the lyrical participation of Cynic from Street Platoon. Music videos for these two songs are currently being developed and will be seen at national music video outlets at the end of August. The digital launch is the first of various important events that will accompany the launch of the first release from Rebel Music Group/Universal Music Latino including various performances throughout the West Coast, appearances on important television programming, in-store autograph signings and visits to key urban music radio programs. An international tour will also follow in the fall.

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