Aesop Rock MTV’s Artist of the Week!

Aesop Rock MTV’s Artist of the Week!

Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass (Definitive Jux Records)

Release Date: 08/28/07

MTV has selected Aesop Rock as their artist of the week just as the Def Jux rapper kicks off a nationwide tour in support of his new album, None Shall Pass. Tune in or visit MTV’s Buzzworthy to see Aesop’s one of a kind “cable access show” running this week. In the words of MTV, “Watch as the foremost in frowny, political hip-hop gives his deadpan analysis of celebrity news items, Irish dancing, perfect dates and the deliciousness of grapes. And hey, if you hate fun, there’s also a super exclusive interview with Aesop Rock, immediately following the show.”

None Shall Pass, Aesop’s 4th full length album, hit stores on August 28th. wrote, “the talent, both of Rock and his guests…is impressive, and makes None Shall Pass an album that deserves a lot of attention, both inside and outside the hip hop world.”

Aesop recently took off on his nationwide tour with fellow Jukies Cage, Rob Sonic, Blockhead, DJ Big Wiz, DJ Signify, along with Octopus Project on the Midwest leg and Black Moth Super Rainbow on the West Coast leg. caught up with Aesop and his fans at his September 10th show in Washington, DC and wrote, “The Long Island native spent most of the time wrapping his rhymes around each other like rubber bands, though, spinning the minds of everyone trying to keep up while still keeping their hands in the air.”

Listen to Aesop RockCitronella” from None Shall Pass (Def Jux)

Listen to Aesop RockNone Shall Pass” from None Shall Pass (Def Jux)

Listen to the Big Wiz None Shall Pass promo Megamix (non-commercial version)

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