Dj Muggs and Sick Jacken Embark on an International Tour

Dj Muggs and Sick Jacken Embark on an International Tour

Dj Muggs and Sick Jacken embark on an International Tour to celebrate the September 11th release of their first collaboration album ” The Legend of The Mask and The Assassin”. From September 27th to October 5th Dj Muggs and Sick Jacken will be touring all of Europe, with stops in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland . One of underground hip-hop’s most anticipated, highly awaited collaboration between two of urban music’s most respected figures is the first release from Rebel Music Group, Sick Jacken’s joint venture with Universal Music Latino

“The Legend of The Mask & The Assassin” is the first collaboration between DJ Muggs, founder and member of Cypress Hill, and Sick Jacken, leader of The Psycho Realm. Sick Jacken’s menacing vocals combined with Mugg’s unmistakable musical backdrop has received a tremendous response within the online hip-hop community and has been one of the major topics of discussion since the album was announced.

Dj Muggs and Sick Jacken International Tour

* September 27th Estonia, Tallin @ Club Hollywood
* September 28th Norway, Trondheim @ Club Kafe Larssen
* September 29th Norway, Oslo @ Club BLA
* October 2nd United Kingdom, Canbridge @ TBA
* October 3rd Denmark, Copenhagen @ TBA
* October 4th Bulgaria, Sofia @ TBA
* October 5th Switzerland, Lausanne @ TBA
* October 5th Sweden, Gothenburg @TBA

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